Review Sun 15th June - Sat 21st June.


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Sun 15th. Staying in Jet Apartments, Playa D'en Bossa. Only two of us, but were lucky as had booked a room to sleep six, so it was massive, like a two bedroom apartment. Spotless and very pleasant although had to pay extra for air con.
Got up lunch time, sorted ourselves out then down to Space about 2pm. Resident was playing fantastic fantastic house music, amazing sound, beautiful and bizarre super glam Euro crowd. Everyone really friendly and unpretentious though. left about eleven/twelve for dinner, then came back for the "inside" session. super hard house / trance which I didn't enjoy quite as much. still, we stayed til then end at 6am anyway...
Mon 16th Bora Bora for a bit during the day. Then over to San Antonio where we hung out at Bar M then onto Manumission at night. Main room ok, no name DJ's, top moment for me was when Satisfaction dropped - fabulous record. Loads of glam spanish people there, which was good. The best thing about it though was the candy bar area, where Har Mar Superstar, amongst others, was playing a cool mix of electro, punk-disco and synth-pop. Very New York and now. When we walked in the place was packed, with a most decadent crowd going mental.
Tuesday 16th Afterwards we went to the Carry On at Space for as long as we could manage. cool, and fashionista filled with fun music.
Wednesday. Went for dinner in Ibiza Town, then bought tickets for Underwater at Pacha. This was probably my favourite night musically. Fatboy and Darren Emerson rocked it. Very friendly crowd. Pacha is just such a special place. I can't think of any other way to put it - when you go, you'll feel it.
Wednesday 17th. They had an impromtu foam party in the afternoon at Bora Bora - incredible fun. Then off to La Troya at Amnesia. Beautiful crowd, very mixed. Music ok, although I wasn't blown away. Love the blasts of dry ice on the dance floor.
Thursday 18th. All day session at Bora Bora. Special mention must be made of DJ Gee, who really rocked it every time we were there. He is just such a talented DJ, working the crowd up to incredible heights of emotion. On our last night, the Saturday, he finished his set with "Welcome to my Head" by Thunderpuss and Barnes, which was exceptionally powerful. He also played a remix (I think) of Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode which was fab. Later we went over to check out Underground, which is a lovely venue, although fairly quiet on that occasion. Then we went and saw Adeva at Privilege.
Friday/ Saturday - a mixture of Bora Bora and Ibiza Town. Loved the Mao Rooms and Base. Wanted to go to Pin Up, but it seemed to be closed at the times we went down there, which was a shame as the people we met who had been raved about it.
My only regret is not going to Pure Pacha on Friday. Unfortunately we needed to get some sleep as we had to vacate the apartment on the Saturday morning. However, it was a fantastic trip. The weather was wonderful, and the mood there is excited and ecstatic already. Just off to book up for the closing parties now...... :D
wow mate thanks for that! sounds incred and bora bora really seems to be incred

i just can't wait i just can't wait!!

thanks again :D
Excellent - the way you described that I felt like I was actually there!!!!!

I'm not going until 3rd September and I thought I was excited before
but now I've read your review I'm even more excited!
Thanks for the review. Sounds like u had a wicked time!

Sounds like the same hotel room I have booked. Air con, sleeps 6 but only 2 of us. :D
synchronicity said:
They had an impromtu foam party in the afternoon at Bora Bora - incredible fun

aye!! :D