Review Sept 10 - 17


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:confused:It was my sixth visit to Ibiza and I was slightly wary after everything that I had been reading on here about the Guardia Civil. I think the concerns were justified, there are definitely a lot more of them around, even in the car park at Salinas for ****'s sake....! Still, we were aware so all was well in the end!

Arrived on Wednesday and had planned to start the holiday with a bang at La Troya but the lack of DJ Oliver and Baby Marcelo put a stop to that and we just went into Ibiza Town. Turns out it was a good decision, we were all knackered (six of us) after getting a ridiculously early flight. Just chilled at Soap Bar and prayed for good weather the whole week....and luckily in the most part our prayers were answered!

Spent the day at Bora Bora on Thursday which was excellent as ever. The Guardia Civil really are a pain in the arse here though. Literally watching over the beach and cruising around the dance floor. Absolutely ridiculous!!! Went to Anfora the local gay club in Ibiza Town that night. AWFUL! It was 70s night. I won't elaborate......

Friday was first big night and for the first time ever went to Eden in San An. Now, I'm not a fan of SA but the Horsemeat Disco guys were playing in the Lovebox Room and some of the group wanted to check it out. We got out of the cab and were immediately greeted by someone practically unconscious on the pavement and two girls shouting 'Avin' it!!!' from the middle of the roundabout. I thought maybe we were in the middle of an episode of Ibiza Uncovered! Funny though.

Eden was pretty good - I actually stayed in the main room. Now, our group are all gay and I must say I for one was a bit wary about Wonderland but I have to say that the atmosphere in the main room was great. Everyone just wanted to have a laugh and was really smiley etc... The best thing about the club in fact. What stopped the night from really getting going was the music.......
Just as it was getting going (thank you Seb Leger) it stopped for a PA from Pnau. This killed the atmosphere for me and they were on for ages. Then Pete Tong introduced Crocker who DJd for about two hours....or should I say OVER DJd.... They are obviously talented but guys, a bit of advice, just play a record and stop ****ing about with every track.
When PT eventually came on at about 4.30 he thought it wise to start his set really downbeat. People were literally shuffling about on the dancefloor. Time to go......

Saturday, after another afternoon at the beach we hit Matinee at Space.


Outdoor terrace was bouncing when we got there, as was the indoor terrace from about midnight. Main room really kicked off around 2am and I stayed there all night. It was then I really felt like I was in Ibiza. At around 2.30 the curtain fell on stage and revealed about 50 dancers. It was awesome and the music was fab. I love Space although as everyone says the drinks prices are eye-watering.

Sunday was a bit of a daze and then went to Salinas on Monday. Fab, had a nice meal in Sa Trinxa too.

Monday went to DC10. Four of us decided we needed one more evening/night out and this was it. What can I say? Probably the best clubbing experience I have ever had. Cab dropped us off in front of a crowd of Guardia Civil all rubbing there gloved hands in anticipation (I kid you not.....)
Amazingly (and completely wrongly HA!!) we must have looked so innocent that they let us go without so much as a second glance :D

One of the people I was with (we are used to Space remember) wanted to leave immediately. Just couldn't get his head round it. I commanded him to stay and an hour later he was bouncing and grinning with the rest of the club (he has since told me it was his best night ever fact he must have screamed that at me in the club about fifty times!)

Awesome music? Tick.
The friendliest people I met? Tick.
Best sound system? Tick.

PLEASE DON'T CLOSE IT DOWN! It will be THE reason I go to Ibiza again.
I love that whole sit down thing too - I know its been done for years but its funny and a little bit special.

What else? Went to the water park in PDB. Fun fun fun - schools back so no queues (I am far too old for this sort of thing though)

Overall, it was expensive and overrun with Police but it was amazing and DC10 just made my week/year/life!!!

A bit of a ramble.....soz!

:! Went to Anfora the local gay club in Ibiza Town that night. AWFUL! It was 70s night. I won't elaborate......


ugh- my friend dragged me there for 'madonna' night, that was bad enough, don't even want to think of what 70s night looks like! i do like the club itself though- in between drag queens belting out madonna songs, the music was a good mix of classic house, new wave, etc., and the crowd was super-friendly:oops: - i esp. like that the dance floor is literally a cave- it would make an incredible afterhours:twisted: