Review of my Second Trip


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Let me begin by saying that I booked through Bring It On, and finally realized that it isn't worth the money to book with them. Stayed at the Garbi, not a good hotel, no AC or fan in the middl of a heat wave. I will have nothing else negative to say.

Saturday 9/8
Landed at 4...right to Bora Bora and the Jet Bossa, why the hell is this sprinkler not going everyday!?!?!?!? Great Party. Paid 50 Euro to see Danny Howells at Pacha, I never saw him show, but Def Mix threw a great party.

Where else but Space? Saw some residents in the afternoon, and then Groove Armada came on...not my scene. Came back to catch Lawler close the terrace....but to our surprise, Tong was closing the terrace, we missed Lawler. I was pissed about that. Stayed inside Space for a while, then went to El Divino for Sandy Rivera, very mellow set, great chill music after a Sunday at Space.

Now, I am not married and don't have any this may have been the greatest day of my life to date! Debated going to see Smokin Jo at Pin Up or Howells at DC10. I am in love with Smokin Jo, but realize that I have no shot of ever getting I decided not to miss Howells again.....well did I ever make the right move! DC10 was bananas!!!! Howells played a killer set, we chilled with him for a while after his set, really cool guy, and he told us that he loves playing in NYC. That night we hit up Rock Bar for some drinks with friends and then to Sanchez at Pacha. Great night! Roger kept the crowd moving all night, and he loved seeing some boys from the NYC!

Crashed the ENTIRE day. Dinner at Coastline, great food. Pacha yet again for Underwater. Carl Cox was tempting, but I had to see my man Darren Emerson. Chilled in the hip hop room listening to Westwood ruin some hip hop......but when Emerson went on, right to the dance floor!!!!! One of the best sets that I have ever heard. This guy knows what he is doing....wish that he would come to the States more often.

Bora Bora for most of the day....then dinner at Pacha. Great move, because after dinner you get into the club for free. Dinner was only 50 Euros and it was really good. Subliminal was Morillo and Deep Dish back to back. Worst night out...too packed, I didn't think that either Morillo or Deep Dish were any good, and they play different styles, so going back to back didn't work for me. Morillo did drop Howell's "Dusk Till Dawn" and closed with David Guetta's "Just a Little More Love" but otherwise a rather dissapointing night. We met some great people and made it a night to chill on the terrace and in the Funky Room. I also finally met Vaughn, who runs the Funky Room...a really cool, chill guy. Wish that I had checked out Soulheaven with Masters at Work at Pin Up.

Some chilling and shopping in Ibiza Town. Pin Up for Sander K. and Bill Patrick, both guys played a killer set, but it was unfortunately, to a crowd of maybe 150 people. This night deserves a bigger push.

Mambo for the Essential Selection, then dinner. The plan was to go to the F*** Me I'm Famous party at Pacha, but after a big dinner, we decided to chill and drink on the beach, great was a good night.

This review really does no justice to how amazing that this trip was, I met alot of great people, heard some unreal music, and overall, I somehow had a better time than I did last year. I will be back next year!!!!
jonbawls said:
Dinner at Coastline, great food


jonbawls said:
I also finally met Vaughn, who runs the Funky Room...a really cool, chill guy

:p --->

jonbawls said:
Mambo for the Essential Selection, then dinner

I booked through BringItOn too, it's not worth it huh? BTW, if I'm not prying too much, how much cash did you bring (roughly)....
I was way too busy having a good time to ever make it to the alleged "Disco Garbi"

I exchanged $1,500 into Euro at home...and got killed on the exchange rate. I also took out of my ATM about $500 while I was there. You can definitely do it cheaper, but when you only get a week there, I say screw it and not try to save a penny.
it funny yet embarrasing that you even mentioned that....last year was my first time in ibiza, coming from new york, our flight landed very late and we were not looking to do anything too crazy our first night out, i don't remember exactly how we ended up there, but i was at KISS....sitting at the bar listening to christina aguilera and r. kelly, all that i could think was "why the hell did i come to ibiza?" 10 hours later i was at space on was then that i realized why the hell i had come to ibiza.