Review of Ibiza 14th July - 25 July



Ladies and gentlemen, the review that should cover all and more ....

Well I got your attention now, haven't I ? Well, my holiday is over and here is some of the critics and suggestions I want to transfuse to you, the club loving people.... It may not be the review that'll cover everything but I hope it will give you some insight and some inspiration to share YOUR holiday with us.

First, Ibiza is to me the most wonderful holidayisland a person can go. Even a 30 year old like myself can enjoy the excesses the island has to offer. Excess of sun, sea, sex, drugs, music, no sleep, bad food,
(look for the nice restaurants though !).

Leaving the airport in Brussels, I was hoping to see some cool people already at the gates but to my 'begeisternis' I could only see... Families with kids... Ohoh, am I on the wrong flight.... I sat on the plane next to some 18 year old guys who had been going out the day before till 1am... the flight left at 6am... No sleep before and they were going to Ibiza.. oh boy ! I'm getting old :)

I arrived on Sunday 14th of July, 8:30 am so I had the whole day up for me. First thing was that my hotel Es Pla in San Antionio didn't foresee the room for me so I had to wait. Nothing to be done about it but I lost a couple of hours.

Then, i decided to rent a car. yep from the first day on I can only recommend to rent a car otherwise you will be stuck in the place you're logged and that may become quite dull especialiy if you're stuck in the middle of San Antonio with a mixture of 'wanna-be-super-model' girls and horny guys with the average age of 20. Everybody out for a shag there, be them beautiful or not, a hole is a hole for these kind of people (probably for the girls, a dick is a dick). Needless to say, not my kind of people. the Brits tended to become quite aggressive after a few
pints of the local water (San Miguel) so I said, the heck with it, I'm off to Playa d'en Bossa for the afternoon...

Lying on the beach, no Space for me during the day. Catching up with the tan. hm, Playa d'en bossa a place to see and to be seen. Be prepared guys,there is a lot of competition out there to hussle up the ladies. If you didn't go to the gym... good luck, but then I only may hope that your IQ is higher than the 'air-filled-dolly' boys so you can actually say something
intelligent to a nice looking girl. Even though I speak some languages, Kroatian is not part of it so the only two ladies that I was thinking they were the most attracties women I've ever seen, could not be reached for due to the language barrier. The same goes for all the Italian and Spanish ladies we all will find ourselves attracted too. English please learn English :)

Space on Sunday ... A really nice setting, lovely people ... all to be found on the terras. Unfortunately the main room covered only Drum'n Bass on the 14th of July and after an hour I was becoming quite bored by the music. I met some really nice Dutch people so I hang out with them, the terras is much nicer but beware, everybody is tripping.

Monday 15th, ah, the long awaited Manumission night a Privilege. After reading the critics of not going there I was still not convinced so I made my move. Start of the evening 1:30am and good ambient music. I had some mood elevated substances (all natural !!!) and I was really in a good mood. I enjoyed the show but then i felt like. Hey, there are no heights here in this setting the DJ is playing. It's always the same no ups of downs just equally going and going and going.... hm, I'm
out of here... besides, the electricity fell out for more than an hour,just when everybody was getting into it. Man what a bummer but the way they handled it was quite OK (with flares, partylights etc)... A lot of people came to Manumission just with the attitude,I have to be here although I'm not a clubber, and that's a downer on the atmosphere. People start staring
at you if you're dancing like a maniac and enjoy the trancestage you enter. Too bad bad bad... A funny anectote was that when I came out I got this surge in my head and was really tripping even more. I decided to drive but went the wrong way... a lot of gazing people... and angry looking taxi drivers since I was the ghost-driver :) So come out of Privilege and turn to the right not the left :)

Tuesday. No clubs for me now. Quiet evening starting at Savannah's sunset bar (next to Cafe Del mar) with some really good
chill out music. The Eva Maria version that I heard really gave me the chills down to my spine. Then... time for some ibiza
town action. Took a tour and stranded on the Amnesia Terrasse where I have seen the most beautiful waitresses you can only
find in ibiza. Althought they may only be 17 or 18 :)

Wednesday 17th. La Troya Assasina. A Gay/Mixed night. Although I'm straight, I found this one of the best nights with some
really good ambient/house music. Left the place at 7am and really needed to sleep :) They mix the night with the foam party
but that is really no fun since the foam is not your regular bathtub foam. Don"t go there unless you want to have a soar throat because of the vapors.

Thursday 18th. Wanted to go to Cream but i stayed at San Antonio again at Bar M. Relaxing evening. I know now that I missed the best night with PvD and Tiesto but I was saving energy for Friday at Pacha.

Friday 19th @ Pacha. This must have been the best evening of all when I was in ibiza. Pacha is a place with a lot of trendy people. Not drunk-liquor-filled Brits waving their bottles of Lager all around the dancefloor. No,I met some could-be models, a lot of women on Ecstacy cuddling me over when I was going to the bathroom which is a nicely joined-place for men and women. Toilets are big enough to have a threesome in there. :) (Oh I wish)

Saturday 20th @ Es Paradis La Fiesta Del Agua. Well, this must be the most overrated place I have found. No atmosphere no nice people,
only the San Antonio lads and ladies having dranked enough to finally enter the club and not spend a dime anymore. Really avoid this
because it is no fun either. I got bored so I left even before the water came to make us all wet. The setting is Greek so that is quite nice but it
is really to bright (all white) so the warmth is lost due to that.

Monday 21th @ Privilege. Again, I know I should not have done this but i did and an I regret it a lot be it only for the nice Austrian girl I met and never saw again afterwards. She had every guy rotating around here like a fly on a light and I was the only one who got her attention. Loved that but ... Privilege did lose the plot. No music, no atmosphere, 80% male, 20% female. Place to be for the ladieswho really want to get .... well, something... I regret that I didn't go to Cocoon @ Amnesia.

Tuesday 22th @ ibiza town. Back to old ibiza. Amesia terrase. Love it there. Nice chilling and watching the crowd pass by. Early night though (4 am).

Wednesday 23th @ .... my hotel room. Had to pack my stuff and wake up at 4am the next morning. Didn't want to spoil the rest of my
2 weeks holiday so kept it low. Say goodbye to everybody I met there and went...


1. Club - el Divino (really a shame I didn't make it to il Pirate)
Club - DC10 (I wanted to see the plane 20 meters above my
head :), no luck)

2. Formentiera Wanted to go but I felt I already spent enough money.


I went to a lot of beaches...

1. Agua Blanca, a beach nearby San Carlos (You need a car for this and all other beaches too actually), it's a nude beach but don't expect to see stunning women (or men for the ladies). Families with kids, older people (50+ etc). Ibiza IS becoming a family holiday place.

2. Cala Longa, didn't go for the beach but for the Thai restauran, which was OK but not super, I think the Kanya place could be better
3. Las Salinas, very nice but a lot of seaweed. Great looking people though (I felt right at home :p )

Some other Cala's to which I went... all in all the best to relax was the Agua blanca. No music, only the sound of the sea. Really
enjoyable to get some sleep.


Sad to say it but either I met the wrong people or I was not up to par with them regarding looks and such. People in Ibiza really are
up in their own mind and that's it. No communication, no bonding, women are being harassed by every guy they bump into so I can believe
that the smile on their face disappears after 10 minutes in a club. Too bad, Although I've seen and talked to some of the most gorgeous
looking women I've ever encountered. Especially at Pacha on a Friday. Don't expect them to be friendly at first, it will take a very good 'line' to have them show any interest in you. for the ladies, well, 65% of the population is male so I guess you will not have any problem getting a man's attention.

Don't get me wrong on this one here. There are plenty of wonderful people out there but the ones I met in San An just didn't come close
to the word friendly, nice...

The only person I met through this forum was the Mexican Pancho. He stayed in the same hotel as I did and we hung out together for lots of
nights. How about you ? Did you meet the people from the forum ?


Well, I was astonished to hear that a regular Red Bull at Privilege got me 10 euros out of my pocket. Luckily the girl I bought it for
was so kind, she said I should ask for a second glass so we could share it. A shame I never saw her again 30 minutes later. She was beautiful within and without :) All the other clubs seemed to carry the same pricesetting, so either, don't drink, drink as little as possible or be rich and don't care about the prices. Water is around 6 Euros, which is to say the least... extortion.


Well, what can I say, Drugs are ubiquitous to say the least. I've never seen sooooo many girls on ecstacy. Hope they are not Air traffic
controllers, surgeons, nuclearplant controllers or so or we can expect some accidents after they return from their excessive drugabuse.
Anyway, if you're into this. 10 Euros for a pill and 15 for am even better pill :) You have to know where to get them and of course I
got informed about the 'right' places :)

ALL IN ALL... one of the best holidays so far. Next year I'll be back there or Mykonos which will be a hard decission. I will not stay
in San Antonio again, that's for the - I hate to say it - the immature, British hooligans, who just had not enough money to get into the
real spirit of ibiza and therefore start annoying everybody around 7 am when I needed some sleep. They hope to look cool enough so they
can at least get half a shag while on the island. Sorry lads... wrong attitude, if you want to shag, don't aim for it, go with the flow :)

And then ... If you're really want to enjoy Ibiza to the fullest, go with someone you love and know very well. Don't go for the one-night
stands, these are never the same (as we all know)... that's is probably the only thing I missed to make this an even better holiday for me.

Have a nice one............................

Steve P.
lovely review steve - very honest.

glad you had a great time.

for us oldies (30+) san antonio is probably not the best choice. talamanca is quiet but near to ibiza town, and figueretas and playa d'en bossa are very international, and good value.

Stevenp said:

Club - DC10 (I wanted to see the plane 20 meters above my
head :), no luck)

:lol: :lol: :lol: