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Ibiza review
So I was in ibza for my first time this year, been looking forward to this since I got into this scene years ago and first heard about the island. This is how it went down.

Arrive Saturday July 12th
I was picked up at the airport around 2pm by Raoul. I was taken over to my hotel in San Antonio. Once I was there I found out what a dump this party of the island is, Full of drunken, young, rowdy British everywhere. My hotel was a dump as well. So I decided to cancel my reservation there and went to stay at Raoul’s spot at Bali Beach resort (Jet Apts.) in Play den Bossa. What a sweet spot this is.
We wondered around the island via car for a bit, then over to Bora Bora for our first night and got introduced to Ibiza properly IMO. I think Bora Bora is a great first night out in Ibiza. The vibe is great, and the spot is perfect to get a feel of what Ibiza is about. However the tunes were quite unimpressive and commercial for my tastes.
Sunday July 13th
A day full of laying out in the sun and preparing for none other than “we love space.” Not a bad lineup either, so I was excited. Steve Lawler & James Zabiela on the terrace, along with Layo and Bushwacka in the main room. I was very impressed with space the club, but not thrilled with Lawler’s set. It started off promising, with some very dark thick progressive stuff, but for a 3 hour set, it failed to really go anywhere. Zabiela’s sound just didn’t do it for me either. I have seen him several times before and was always impressed, but this night left a bored.
Monday july 14th
After a late start we did more of the sun bathing, and touring the island I really wanted to check out cocoon at amnesia. Most locals, or those living there said that it’s the best party of the season. But Dubfire was playing, and I really wanted to see privalge (not sure why) So we went to Sander Van Doorn and Tiesto and it was the worst night of the holiday without a doubt. SVD’s set was pretty good, but by the end of it, the club was so packed that you could not even move anywhere in the entire place. The largest club in the world, and you cant even breathe. What a horrible crowd tiesto drew as well. A bunch of rolled out trance kids jumping all over the place. I stayed until tiesto got on, about 3am, then left shortly after.
Tuesday July 15th
So we have been hanging out at this spot Beach Palace, a couple doors down from Bora Bora in Playa den Bossa. Very cool spot, and great staff. I managed to score a gig there. Played a 4 hour set right on the beach, as the staff doused me and my lady with booze, such a great time. In the Evening it was off to Carl Cox and Friends at Space w/ John Digweed. We arrived early and caught Coxy’s set on the terrace, then at 12am headed in to an empty room with Digweed getting started. All I have to say is WOW. I was blown away by John’s set. Just a tidal wave of progressive trance that just built up for 3 hours. Hands down the best set I heard on the island all week. Cox closed it out with a banging set that wasn’t to bad in itself. But coming off of digweed, it was not that great.
Wed July 16th
I hired a car and roamed around the island all day. Went to check out Es Vedra and other random beaches. This was probably the highlight of my trip. I suggest renting a car for sure and exploring the island.
Thursday July 17th
Paul van Dyk and ferry Corsten at Cream. Thought this was going to be the highlight of my trip. The club, amnesia, is amazing. But the music was crap most of the night. Predictable trance tracks all night long, and and packed house without a place to breathe. Not to much fun, but partied my ass off anyways as it was my ladies birthday bash.
Friday July 18th
Still going from the night before I took the car to Calle Xe in the northern part of the island next to portinax. Went snorkeling and drank mimosas on the beach all day. Not a bad idea at all. Very nice beaches on the northern part of the island
Saturday July 19th
Went to the island of formentera during the day. Great decision! Such amazing beaches, and it was very cool to get away from Ibiza for the day and check this spot out. At night, went to the Portinax Full moon party on the beach. About 4-5k heads at a free beach party in Ibiza, damn what a great experience. This was probly the best party we went to during this week. And It was FREE!!! This is the only legal beach party left on the island, and it only happens once a season now, to bad to all that missed it! However the music still wasn’t that great.
Sunday July 20th
I spent the day shopping and roaming around. Checked out the city of Ibiza and laid out some more
Monday July 21st
I went to Italy from here for 10 days with the lady. Rome, Venice and Florence, what an amazing experience.
Thursday July 31st
I returned to Ibiza for Cream to see Sasha and PVD along with Eric Prydz on the terrace. This was hands down my best clubbing experience on the island. Had a table (the best in the house) to enhance the experience. Sasha played great, but Prydz stole the show. He ****ing killed the terrace, which I think is the best room in Ibiza!!
Overall I thought Ibiza was great, but the highlights were not really in the clubbing. The music left much to be desired with the few exceptions I mentioned. The clubs are to packed, playing predictable big house and trance tracks. I was not blown away by any cutting edge stuff as I thought I would be. If you are going, I would recommend the techno parties, as they seem to be the best on the island this season. Cocoon, underground, and DC10 (which was closed during my visit) Definatly rent a car and explore the island, there is so much more to offer then just the clubbing.
Fantastic Review. Agree with you about Bali Beach being a good spot. Right in the heart of things yet sufficiently quiet to get some sleep.
PDB is much more of a dump than San An. If it wasn't for Space and BB, it could be any resort in Spain.

not true. Its the people on that side that make it better then san antonio. I met a few locals, and others that have lived on the island or have been going there for years that have never once been to san antonio. Outside of the sunset strip, there is nothing there for me.
Outside of the sunset strip, there is nothing there for me.

your review implies you have extremely limited taste and so i wouldn't consider your opinion of san antonio as a negative one. i like the place for the variety of entertainment it provides in its bars, cafes and public places. jazz in villa mercedes, brazilian in es verro, world in babel, rock, folk, and others elsewhere. i watched a brass band concert on sunday by the church where hundreds of sanantonionans had turned out. it's a great place.
Without doubt the most improved part of the island in recent years. The new promenade in particular is awesome. My negative attitude towards San An was totally changed on our last trip, I cannot wait to have a real good explore of the place next time we are over.

Interesting review btw!
just one comment:
tbh i didn't find digweed's set progressive trance at all!i'd say mostly tech house!:p

yes well, the problem with genres is that they are subjective. But i would not say that John is known for a tech house sound. It clearly has trance elements, and the set builds throughout. That is why i conclude it as "progressive trance"