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I have to say right from the start I have mixed feelings about this holiday, we had some great times but if I’m honest it’s probably the worst holiday I’ve had in a long time (mainly due to illness and poor weather). The main thing with this holiday was to have some time away from work to chill out (something we both really needed) – well that we did but we still came home a bit disappointed.

This is my 4th time on the island and my girlfriends 3rd (our 2nd together). Highlights of the previous holiday were Cocoon & We Love, as well as the food at Tijuana and Es Ventall in San An. Our resolutions from last time are to go to Privilege and Pacha at least once (just to see what there all about) and to spend more time exploring Ibiza Town which previously I’ve only seen on my way to PDB. Would also be nice to spend some more time in PDB and try out a few of the beach bars (heard very good things about Sands). We booked for 2 weeks to try and give ourselves a bit more time to do stuff. Before we arrived we were happy to see BoHo had opened around the corner from our hotel and that they had a couple of good nights on… only for the nights to be cancelled. Never mind, can’t win them all. Was also looking forward to As One @ Gala Night… cancelled again – bugger! Apologies if this is a bit long but I’ve tried to keep it short!

Wednesday 16/09 – Awoken early (must have fallen asleep...) by a) the sound of my alarm clock and b) the sound of my girlfriend bouncing around the room as if she’s in the main room at Amnesia. I’m excited as well but its 4.30am…. After a shambolic stagger to our lift with bags dragging along the floor we’re off! This is the first time we’ve managed to get a weekday/daytime flight (every other one has been late Saturday night) so travelling to the airport this early is a first. Similarly I’ve never seen the airport so quiet, even at night it’s reasonably busy but it’s like a ghost town.

2 problems strait away, 1) flight delayed by 2 hours (meant to fly at 07.30, changed to 9.30) and 2) were 3kg over our luggage allowance and there having none of it! After paying an extra £30 we decided to check in anyway and just wait it out. Grabbed some breakfast and did some duty free browsing – probably the longest 2 hours of my life! Just before the 9.30 we were delayed by an extra hour and as that hour finished it looked as though we would be delayed again but were boarded at the last minute. Flight was ok apart from little bastards in the seats behind - if you can’t control your kids you shouldn’t be allowed to have any (or at least shouldn’t bring them on a flight!). From then on everything went smooth and we were in our hotel for about 3pm Ibiza time. We stayed in the Hotel Pacific in San Antonio, having stayed there for a week in 2007 we knew what to expect from the place – only to leave disappointed. Last time we stayed it was basic but had air con, was clean and tidy and the staff were very helpful. This time it had air con…. When we arrived the room was clean but the bath had a hole in it (and I do mean a big hole!), there was what looked like blood stains on the walls and some of the furniture looked badly water damaged. Went onto the balcony to find loads of fag butts, general crap and graffiti on one of the walls! We sort of looked at each other and thought ‘we specifically asked for this hotel - ****’. Food wise we booked half board in an attempt to try and save money – although we managed to put a few £ away for spending money we couldn’t take anything like what we hoped due to other commitments. The breakfast, although basic was fine. Only advice I would give is don’t drink the coffee or juice, maybe avoid the bacon depending on how it is that day. The evening meals varied from just about edible to really gut wrenching awful. Drinks prices were very reasonable in both the restaurant and bar (2e for a bottle of San Miguel, 3e for 2 bottles of Budweiser and about 1.50e for a soft drink) but the barman needs to learn to smile more – only time I saw him even grin was when the fat welsh lass was flirting with him! Cleaners where quick when in but didn’t come every day as advertised and often forgot to replace the loo roll meaning several trips to reception to get some.

Had a quick look around and picked up some supplies, ate in the hotel for quickness then off out. We were both really tired but decided to start as we mean to carry on! Headed over to the pussycat for a cocktail – order a litre of strawberry daiquiri, bit disappointed that at 22e it was only pineapple juice and strawberry schnapps. Lots of Germans around, some French and Spanish but only a few English – maybe a sign of changing times for San An? Got tickets for Meganite which at 16e each I think were a bargain so I’ll forgive them for the cocktail! Went round the west end for some cheap drinks, got talking to a couple of workers from the same neck of the woods as us so stayed longer than intended and drank waaaaayyyyy too much. At some point the heavens opened and the west end had its own river rapids! Got the disco bus (3e each) over to Privilege for about 2.00am.

On the way in I was patted on one side – this was the only search I had the whole time I was there, making me wish I’d tried to get my camera in. I’ve been to privilege once before for Manumission but the person I went with was a right miserable twat so didn’t really enjoy it. The comparison walking in from a full Privilege to a near empty one is indescribable! The middle bit as soon as you walk down the stairs (with the DJ booth over the pool) was open, everything else was shut. Even though the Coco Loco was advertised with its own line-up it never opened. Sadly even taking this into account it was never more than half full – not that I mind, plenty more room to dance. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Meganite but I was really impressed and my respect for Picotto has trebled. I think it was Secret Cinema playing when we went in (who I thought was really good) followed by Picotto – both playing a mixture of techno/tech house, I’ve heard Meganite described as tech trance so it was a bit of a relief. Really good night. Kept on seeing this lad dressed all in green who at the time I thought was the Ridler from Batman! Oh drinks prices weren’t too bad – 6e for water and 8e for beer. Left at about 5.45am got a legal taxi strait away which only cost 15e back to San An.

Only other thing to mention was I bought an app for my iPhone (Ministry of Sound App) and won 2 guest list entry’s for Pacha that night – we thought about going but old mongo face doesn’t really do it for us. Worth getting the app though if they do another for next year as we won more than once over the course of the holiday.

Thursday 17/09 – Not a good day. Drastically over did everything the night before, didn’t want to see the light of day but had to stand one the balcony while the cleaner did her thing – god only knows what on lookers must have thought looking at us 2! Chilled around the hotel for the day as the weather was ok – no point in forcing ourselves out if were not ‘well’, we’ve got 2 weeks after all! Ate in the hotel and had an earlyish night to recover. Not helped by some right noisy twats in our hotel, day and night shouting things like ‘way hay’, ‘oi oi’ and ‘have it’. Has anyone ever seen Lee Mack doing stand-up? The bit he does about being so cockney it’s painful? Try 20+ of them shouting at each other 24/7! They weren’t kids either, the youngest one must have been 30.

Friday 18/09 – Breakfast in hotel, did some sunbathing as we saw a little sun in the morning. Decided to go for a wander around San An and window shop. After wandering for a while we wanted a drink so popped into a pub called the Cat and Parrot in the west end – asked for a couple of pints and couldn’t understand a word the barmaid said. Seriously she could have spoken martian to me and I wouldn’t have known. Outside a table of fat old men heckling everyone who walked past, who all knew the barmaid – again the term ‘so cockney it’s painful’ comes to mind. I’ve got nothing against Londoners but these people were doing your lot no favours! Left our drinks and decided to try and avoid the west end from then on.

Went for a walk along sunset strip which is very different to the last time I was there (the promenade wasn’t built then), walked up to the end and back again. Bit of a pain having PR’s trying to get you in during the day as well (never seen this before). One offer worth mentioning if they do it again next year was if you eat at Kanya you get free guest list for Wonderland the same night (we already had tickets so declined). Ate at Mambo, had a couple of different salads (goats cheese and caesar if memory serves) – both very nice, chilled out and enjoyed the view (think for 2 beers and 2 salads it was about 25e).

On the evening we ate at Tijuana. This is something we’ve both been looking forward to for ages, last time we were in Ibiza this was the only place we ate at more than once. Went in and took ages to get a table, took even longer to get served. I felt sorry for the guy as he was the only one that seemed to be doing anything, the other staff were all just wandering around talking to there friends. We got some nacho’s (which we were told would be compliments of the house but they were on the bill at the end, couldn’t be arsed to argue), potato skins and stuffed chillies followed by fajitas and chimichangas, bottle of wine and free shots of tequila at the end – all came to about 60e. Over all the Fajitas were very nice indeed everything else was just ok. Bit of an anti climax really, shame. Handy tip, don’t eat here just before going out all night the portions are massive and a bit much before a heavy night! Went back to the hotel for drinks and change of clothes then decided to try Plastic for a pre club drink, seriously what a cheese filled **** hole that is. I thought with them having a Wonderland pre party (which BTW wasn’t on any Wonderland posters – do they really have one or are they making it up?) the music would be good but it was camembert all the way. Went round to Bar M for a quick one then off into Eden for about 1.00am. Bought out tickets from Pete Tong’s website for 30e each Inc a free drink as long as you enter before 1.30am – forgot all about the free drink and wasn’t offered one! Can’t remember the drinks prices in Eden but I think it was 8e for water. Alex Ellenger was just finishing up and cocked up his mix more than once. Rob Marmot then came on and really enjoyed his set – finished up with Oxia – ‘Domino’ which got a really good reaction. Sadly just as Pete Tong was about to take over (just after 2am) there was a bit of an ‘incident’. There was this young lass who was clearly off her trolley staggering all over the place and bumping into people, she staggered over to us, bumped into me (not a problem) but planted the heel of her very high heeled shoes into my girlfriend’s ankle – ouch! Thankfully after about 10-15 minutes she could walk fine so no serious damage done but with a hole in her leg and blood on her shoes she obviously wasn’t in the mood anymore so we left. Security in Eden are ****ing useless – one was right next to us and did bugger all.

Saturday 19/09 – Woke up in the morning and surprisingly I wasn’t feeling too good, didn’t have a lot to drink and nothing naughty either. Her ankle wasn’t too bad, cleaned it up a bit and she was happy enough once we bandaged it up, still a shame about the night before though it was shaping up to be a good one. Skipped breakfast as I really wasn’t feeling well enough to stomach it, decided to try the beach in front of Bar M – was there about 30 minutes and had to go. I’ve been there before and though it was ok but this time all I could think of was how bad it smelt and how unclean the beach looked. Went into Bar M to get a smoothie (bit of fruit always makes me feel better) and the kid behind the counter was obviously a little worse for wear. Filled up a jug full of fruit and tried to put it on the base to whiz up but there was already another empty jug on the machine – took him about 2 minutes to work out why he couldn’t get it to fit on! Nice smoothies but unfortunately didn’t make me feel any better. Wandered around and got an ice cream (biggest I’ve ever seen) then back to the hotel to rest – really concerned as by this point I was pretty ill. We had reservations for the Pacha restaurant and planned to go to Defected afterwards but decided it was a bit too far from home when not 100%. Looked on my iPhone app again and there was a offer for 10% discount off your bill at Kasbah so decided to try there – best decision of the holiday. We got there and sat down a few minutes before sunset, it’s still very beautiful if watched in the right environment with the right person. Had a fantastic meal started with spring rolls and humus with bread, then I had a fillet steak (cooked perfectly medium rare) with garlic mash, green beans and a thyme jus (very, very good) she had chicken with tomatoes beans and chorizo, desert was chocolate brownie with ice cream and strawberry cheesecake with cream – all delicious. Including 2 bottles of wine it came to about 70e (with my 10% off), the quality of the food didn’t reflect the price. I would have been happy to pay more than that. Waitress was really nice as well and very knowledgeable about the wines she was serving which is always nice. Went to bed very happy – even made me forget I wasn’t feeling too good.

Sunday 20/09 – Attempted a bit of breakfast but still not up to it, at this point she was starting to feel a bit off as well. Oh dear! Raining again today, only 1 full day of sun so far. Decided to go to El Ricon De Pepe for some tapas but it was closed so headed to Bar M as I’d heard good things about the food. Had a burger and a chicken pita – food was ok but nothing special. Service was ****! Think it was about 25e for both of us and we got 10% with my trusty iPhone app. Didn’t give us any menus or anything so got some myself to the disgust of the guy at the till then afterwards they kept our change without even offering it to us. None of them so much as smiled or spoke to us properly. I don’t care were you work if it’s Bar M, Burger King or a Michelin Star Restaurant if you don’t have the common courtesy to speak to people properly and be polite then you shouldn’t be working there. Simple as that. All I have to say to the staff of Bar M is **** you, you in bread ketamine induced retards! I’ll never set foot in that horrible grotty little shack again. Went to the Orange Corner for the 2nd half of the Manchester derby (Michael Owen you little twat why couldn’t you do that last season!) and a few beers (again iPhone app gave 10% off drinks after a certain time). Got ripped off big style for some *cough cough* substances on the way back to the hotel, still a bit pissed off about that but I’m old enough to know better – enough said. Decided neither of us was well enough to go clubbing (even though we really fancied We Love) so went for a meal at Es Ventall (a massive favourite from our last visit).

We got in about 8.30 and wasn’t sure the place was open as it was empty (most places were – a sign of the times or just normal for September?). Only us 2 in all night. Had appetisers, gapacho beef and ibenico ham to start followed by a paella to share – I’ve never had an authentic paella (complete with nut crackers for the crayfish) from such a nice restaurant before and one thing that made me really happy is that is tasted a lot like my own (I’m training to be a chef BTW). Lemon mouse and apricot cake for dessert. 2 bottles of rather nice white wine which I’m told is from Ibiza (any idea’s anyone?) all came to about 120e. Was it nice…yeah. Was it as nice as the previous visit….no. Bit disappointing overall. Again a real shame as I’ve got such good memory’s of Es Ventall from 2007.

Monday 21/09 – For some reason which I know cannot explain I thought going out for breakfast would make me feel better then went to the greasiest spoon I could find and washed it down with a pint of lager (proper Brit on tour me!). As you can imagine it didn’t really help. In fact it made me appreciate that the hotel breakfast wasn’t that bad! We planned on spending the day at PDB laying around on the beaches but as the weather forecast was hit and miss we opted for a wander in Ibiza Town instead. Got off the bus and immediately went the wrong way had to check Google maps for help! Wandered along the waterside and up inside the city walls. Got up to the top and was enjoying the view out to sea when we both noticed big black clouds in the other direction. Within seconds it was pissing it down and with no cover we (along with others) took shelter under some trees – we were still getting wet so I made a run for it. After wading through murky rivers of water I got to a shop doorway where I was covered – looking and probably smelling like a drowned rat. Following behind with a very unimpressed look on her face was the Mrs. I saw the funny side, she didn’t – lets leave it at that. A real shame as I was enjoying the sight seeing and wanted to go up to the cathedral but after that we were both soaked and needed to get back to the hotel. Got some real funny looks off the locals on the bus back probably due to the way we smelt.

After we got changed we went to sunset strip for… sunset (what else?). Ate at Savannah, had a Savannah burger which considering they advertise it as the famous savannah burger was pretty poor and some chicken pasta which was clearly Chinese noodles and not pasta! That plus 2 beers came to 44e – nearly died! Went along to Café Del Mar and enjoyed some cocktails as the sun set. Went back to get changed and against our better judgment went to the west end, met some nice workers again who ‘pointed us in the right direction’ for certain things and got a drink. Lasted about 25 minutes before the chavness overcame us, again left half a drink and decided to have a few back in the room. On route stopping at the pussycat to get Cocoon tickets (49e each including a free coach (didn’t take it) and money off cocktail vouchers (didn’t use them)).

Got the disco bus to Amnesia and was in for about 2am. Went into the terrace and bought a drink (water 8e) and was prepared to be stunned by the new terrace…. Wasn’t bowled over I’ve got to say. It’s probably just me but the podium in the middle divides the room and for anyone on the wrong side of it there’s no atmosphere. To be honest aside from the DJ booth being moved I can’t see that much of a difference (in fact it looked smaller to me). I was expecting ‘wow’ and I didn’t get it. In my opinion the main room is the only place to be in Amnesia. I had some guy run up to me, conversation went like this:

Him: This is ****, I picked it up and threw it in the bin.
Me: It’s alright.
Him: It’s ****.
Me: Do you not like this sort of thing?
Him: Woooooo (Then ran off jumping around, loving the tunes)


Went into the main room for about 3am and found a spot just to the right of the dance floor at the bottom of a podium – plenty room to dance and not getting barged into all night. Main room was very busy so lucky to find this little spot I think it was Gaiser until about 4-4.30 then Richie Hawtin. I’ve been to Cocoon a few times before and always had fantastic nights but this was on another level all together! Hawtin absolutely destroyed the place! It was one of those perfect nights where the club, crowd and DJ all came together as one – magic was in the air. Maybe go as far as to say the best night I've had in my life. To top things off there was this big robot guy lit up by green/blue/red LED’s with laser guns and dry ice cannons that walked into the middle of the Dancefloor (kicking people out of the way en-route) and proceeded to spin round in the air with fireworks coming out of him! I know it’s just a guy in a suit and it’s probably been done once a week for the whole season but at the time it was amazing! If you haven’t seen it I’m sure someone will have put it on YouTube by now. Left at about 6.20 (can’t last it like we used to) and the main room was still going strong. Managed to get a legal taxi and only had to wait 10 minutes (this time 20e back to San An). Once back things (as they sometimes do) went a bit pear shaped, decided it wasn’t time to go to bed and had some ‘afters’. Won’t go into details but really not a good idea – entirely my fault as well.

Tuesday 22/09 – Slept (I think) till about 1/2pm when the cleaners came in and for once (thank god) took no for an answer and left us alone. Spent the reset of the day in bed, didn’t eat all day. She wasn’t too bad by the night but once again I may have overdone things a wee bit (lets be honest I was absolutely ****ered).

Wednesday 23/09 – Woke up and checked my iPhone – once again we’ve won guest list for Subliminal. Considered going as it was the closing but now that our Monday night naughtiness had worn off our real illness had returned big style (shame as I would have loved to do Meganite again)! Unfortunately this was the first of our ‘lost days’, days where we weren’t suffering from night before stuff but still couldn’t do anything. Ate at the hotel for breakfast and lunch. Had about 1 hour of sun then rain again. Dossed about most of the day and tried to feel better. Perked up a bit at night but still not well enough to go out.

Thursday 24/09 – Woke up and…. SUNSHINE! YEAH! Sunbathing most of the day to try and take advantage, illness not as bad as it had been. We thought things were on the up. Left our key in the room so went to reception to get the spare only to first be given the wrong room key then to be told that our spare room key had been used and not return by a guest! WTF good job we hired a safe! Was told they would get a cleaner to let us in, which never happened. We ended up looking for the cleaner ourselves and she let us back in (all in all took about an hour!). Had a game of mini golf at the place across the road and thought we would go to Kasbah for sunset again only to find it closed (closed for the season?) so went for a drink then decided to try David’s Pizza. This was the only place we ate that was full. Had 2 salads, pizzas and a bottle of wine for about 50e. Pizza’s weren’t bad. Got talking to an older Scottish couple next to us when I heard ‘Isn’t that, that arsehole off the telly?’ – don’t remember his name or anything but I remember him off the Ibiza program that was on Living. I thought he was a cock as well but this guy was ready to march across the road and have a go at him.

Friday 25/09 – Had tickets for Wonderland tonight and was really looking forward to it but this was the day when officially our illness won. It’s sad to think about now and at the time I thought maybe we would pull round, we had no chance. I’m sure you don’t want too much of our medical status so lets just say we had the flu. Spent the day trying to feel better only to feel much worse by the time we went to bed.

Saturday 26/09 – Surprisingly woke up feeling not too bad at all! Spent the day shopping and wandering around. Had a quick bite at El Ricon De Pepe which was nice, couldn’t handle loads of food at this point. Decided as we were feeling well we should take advantage so went parasailing (if you go, go with Jimmy’s – we were out far longer than the other company next to him). 45e each but worth it, really enjoyable experience topped off with an optional dunk in the ocean at the end! Found a pub (unfortunately in the west end but you can’t have everything!) which was showing the Newcastle match, won 4-0, cheap drinks, happy days. Decided to wander round sunset strip, Kasbah still closed so I assume it must have been shut for the winter now. We fancied some Chinese so went to the one upstairs along from burger king in the west end. Food was ok (takeaway standard) but once again the staff need to learn to smile – right miserable ****ers in there! During the meal she really went down hill so we went back to the hotel, within about 30 minutes I was about the same. It got to a point were we agreed if she got any worse we would try and call a doctor/got to hospital. Without trying to be over dramatic I was really worried at the point.

Sunday 27/09 – Woke up feeling **** but more alive than the previous night. Decided we should take advantage and a) eat something and b) go to a pharmacy to get some drugs! Ate in the hotel and asked a rep (who wasn’t ours) where an open pharmacy was (Sunday), she told us to go along past Es Paradise and there was one near the burger king but also to make sure we saw our own rep as he NEEDS to know you’re not well. Followed her directions and we found a clinic which was shut! Went back and spoke to our rep who gave us a ‘why are you telling me look’ who then said that it was the Burger King in the west – ****ing useless bastards! Went there and got some medicine – thanks to the guy in the pharmacy who spoke better English than me!

By this time it was 2pm, we planned on hitting Space for about 5/6pm….. not looking very likely at this point. The day consisted of feeling well for 5/10 minutes then 2 hours of feeling ****. I can’t describe to you how soul destroying it is to be in Ibiza on Space closing day with tickets and to know you won’t be going.

Pulled around by the evening so went to the Curry Club for food, can’t remember what we had off the top of my head but we made pigs of ourselves as we hadn’t eaten a lot the last few days. Not bad food for the price, really nice place as well – came to 55e. Pissed down as we left so flagged a taxi and back to bed.

Monday 28/09 – We decided to pool all of our efforts in to trying to feel well enough for Cocoon closing (which again we already had tickets for). Spent the day relaxing, drinking plenty water etc. and I’ll admit I was a bit better but we really were kidding ourselves if we thought we could go. Again gutted about the whole thing but there was no way we could have even made it to Amnesia never mind enjoyed ourselves when we got there.

Tuesday 29/09 – Sods law, feeling well enough to leave the hotel. If we’d have felt like this the night before we would have gone. ****. Decided to have a walk around sunset strip and have a drink (and enjoy the sunshine for once), on the way there noticed that Villa Mercedes had a lunch special – starter, main, desert, bread and a drink all for 13e. Proper bargain! All very nice so booked a table for the evening and our last meal before going home.

We had salads to start with probably the best king prawns I’ve ever had, steak and lamb for main (again the lamb was so good it should have been illegal!) and a chocolate fondue thing for desert, with wine it came to 120e but was worth every penny. Best meal we had while there and probably one of the best meals I’ve ever had. Shame it came on our last night.

Wednesday 30/09 – Wasn’t looking forward to travelling back being unwell but it was probably one of the quickest and hassle free journeys I’ve ever had (once again the dregs of society and their kids get sat behind me though!). We were 1kg over on luggage coming back but they let us get away with it, spent a bit extra and got leg room seats – probably something I’ll do from now on. Left the hotel about 8.30am Ibiza time and was home by 4pm UK time so not bad at all.

Overall mainly due to sickness and poor weather we didn’t have that good of a time. We enjoyed Meganite and loved Cocoon, but that’s 2 nights out of 14. The meals we had, most of them were ok but only 3 (2x Villa Mercedes and Kasbah) were really good. Most of the service we received was poor at best, and I don’t just mean in the hotel. Weather wise I think we got about 4 days out of 14 which you could class as good weather, nothing we could do about it of course but still put a downer on things. In general I did think everywhere was quiet but I’ve never been outside of peak season before so don’t know if numbers are less then previous years.

We decided that after this trip we wouldn’t go to Ibiza again (we decided before we went), or at least take a break for a few years. A number of reasons behind this but mainly due to money – she’s just started her own business, I’m going back to college and we’ve got a wedding to save for so holidays of any kind are on the back burner! I think Ibiza owes me one though, maybe a long weekend to take in Space and Cocoon…..

One last thing to mention and I know it’s a bit of a touchy subject judging from some other threads that mentioned it. We bumped into 2 different groups of people we knew while there, both groups had been mugged in San An. At one point we had a VERY close shave and for once I’m grateful the police happened to be there. Moral of the story is be very, very careful and watch what you’re doing because clearly other people are.


Hotel - Barely acceptable. Wouldn't stay there again.
Best Night - Cocoon. Still gives me goosebumps thinking about it.
Worst Night - Wonderland for above reasons.
Best Food - Villa Mercedes & Kasbah
Worst Food - Savannah & Bar M
Best Moments - Cocoon, Meganite, sunset at Kasbah, food at Kasbah & Villa Mercedes, parasailing & chilling out time.
Worst Moments - Weather, illness, getting pissed on in Ibiza Town, missing Wonderland, Space & Cocoon closing's, wasting money on tickets for those 3 as well & quality of service in most places but mainly Bar M.
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Ate at Savannah, had a Savannah burger which considering they advertise it as the famous savannah burger was pretty poor and some chicken pasta which was clearly Chinese noodles and not pasta! That plus 2 beers came to 44e – nearly died!
burger + pasta + 2 beers = 44€

hellooooo? :confused:
Good Review.....sorry it went all a bit Pete tong for a bit.

Few points I would like to pick up on..

First....A lot of people seemed to be coming back sick from Ibiza this year (me included)

Second... Plenty of Cancellations and no shows from DJ's

Thirdly..... Muggings and petty crime on the rise in San An. A mate of mine had his phone and cash nicked from his jeans pocket.

Wine in Es Ventall was probably Can Rich...very nice

That special lunch in Villa Mercedes was probably the "Menu Del Dia" a well kept secret in Ibiza. Most local restaurants offer this lunchtime special and its a great 3 course offer for under €12 a head
burger + pasta + 2 beers = 44€

hellooooo? :confused:

Indeed. Robbing bastards!

Good Review.....sorry it went all a bit Pete tong for a bit.

Few points I would like to pick up on..

First....A lot of people seemed to be coming back sick from Ibiza this year (me included)

Second... Plenty of Cancellations and no shows from DJ's

Thirdly..... Muggings and petty crime on the rise in San An. A mate of mine had his phone and cash nicked from his jeans pocket.

Wine in Es Ventall was probably Can Rich...very nice

That special lunch in Villa Mercedes was probably the "Menu Del Dia" a well kept secret in Ibiza. Most local restaurants offer this lunchtime special and its a great 3 course offer for under €12 a head

There was a lot of sick people at our hotel but it could be that they'd just overdone things :lol: still gutted about the whole thing but at least we're nearly back to full health now.
I appreciate the time and effort you put into writing that review, but I could only read the 1st first days as it is that depressing.

I bet you'd moan if you won £20 Million on the lottery.
I appreciate the time and effort you put into writing that review, but I could only read the 1st first days as it is that depressing.

I bet you'd moan if you won £20 Million on the lottery.

With respect, I'm expressing my opinion on my holiday so to leave a comment like that is unnecessary. If you only read the first day then I assume you’re talking about what I said regarding the flight or the hotel because the rest was great, Meganite really was a fantastic night. If something’s **** I'm not going to come on here (regardless of how much I love Ibiza) and say it wasn't, most of the holiday was ****. I agree it's depressing, I was there and it was very depressing. Not my fault, just the way it was.

Had some good times and that’s what I'm trying to remember but in leaving a review I had to tell the whole story.