Review 14-20 Sept. (my 3rd trip to Ibiza)



Where you stayed (resort/hotel):
Bossa Mar Apartments, Playa D'en Bossa (right next to Bora Bora)

Club nights visited:
We Love Sundays @ Space (Yousef, Lottie, Sasha, Hernan Cattaneo)
Circo Loco @ DC10 (Tania Vulcano, Jo Mills)
Subliminal Sessions @ Pacha (Yousef, Erick Morillo)
Cream @ Amnesia (Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk)

Best Night:
All of them!

Best DJs:
Lottie @ Space (she played Bon Jovi - Livin' On A Prayer as her last tune!)

Vulcano @ DC10 (somehow she manages to make progressive house sound interesting on a sunny afternoon without playing big tunes)

Mills @ DC10 (who knew exactly when to play the big tunes - e.g. Shiny Disco Balls, Two Months Off and as her finale Knights of the Jaguar!)

Morillo @ Pacha (he worked the decks and fx constantly playing acappellas and practically remixing tunes live [He does, however, overdo it the odd time] - e.g. It Just Won't Do [it must have lasted for 25 glorious minutes], Donna Giles - I Am Telling You over Richard F - Down and Dirty, Plastic Dreams over French Kiss, and the magnificent So Much Love to Give).

PVD @ Cream (the place was still packed and rockin' at 7.45am when I left! His mixing was spot on and he isn’t afraid to subtly mix out a tune if it isn’t working. Tunes - For An Angel Vs Silence, 3 Drives On Vinyl and basically every other one tune he played)

Worst DJs:
Yousef was a bit boring both times – but I suppose he was warming up each time, so it is kinda forgivable.

Sasha was boring as expected (except, of course, when he played Diabla at the end of his set)

Best Bar:
Bora Bora – mental as always.

Best Place to Eat:
Playa Den Bossa crap for restaurants – although the best of a bad bunch was the grill restaurant opposite Kiss nightclub.

Money Spent:

Biggest Regret:
Not going to the Cocoon closing party or the Manumission Carry On @ Space.

Going Back?:
Not sure – may leave it for a couple of years. Or may go for the Radio 1 weekend next year

Top Tip:
You can buy mini bottles of ‘champagne’ (its actually cheap Cava) for €8 in Space (cheaper then a vodka and mixer). Tastes OK after a few drinks and everybody thinks you are really flash.
nice spot on review!

cava in space is a favourite of ours too ;) best to get it in a long drink glass with ice cubes - lasts longer ;)
Imposter, what are the Bossa Mar appartments like???

Did you book them thru Ministry Travel?? I've seen them in a couple of brochures and in one it says they're 1*, absolute cack and then in the Ministry brochure it says they're new appartments, got air con etc...........

I've stayed at Jet for a few years but after having such a shit room this time I've vowed never to stay there again so need to know about another appartments in Playa D'en Bossa.
Nice review ! :)

And I totally agree with your description of Morillo and Yousef. I miss Morillo a lot though.

The bad thing about your report is that it made me regret so badly not having attended Circo Loco ! Everybody says it´s a must... lesson learned ! :cry:
Hey there Thiago,

I read your wonderful review of your week in Ibiza but i got the feeling you liked it but not really that much, if you know what I mean. Now I see you repliyng some topics in a very emotional way (well kinda)
The Ibiza blues just kicking in are they? Well I know how you're feeling.

Give it a year or so, maybe it will fade.........

But you know, I have never been to Brasil but I think it would really great to live there. It will probably beat Holland anytime. (except for our very liberal drug policy). So maybe in Brasil the blues will fade a little faster.

Hello Belle !

Holland is wonderful too, I visited Amsterdam twice...

It´s not that I didn´t like Ibiza that much. It´s just that the whole experience was very different from what I had expected. And it passed by so quickly... I crammed as many things as I could in my time, but in the end it still felt like it wasn´t enough fun... perhaps if I had a bunch of friends it would have been different.

It´s funny, now I´ve been listening to the CDs I bought in Ibiza, memories come back in a very pleasant way. And things seem much nicer than it felt at the time. How can that happen ?
I think that the problem was what you explained already. You tried to be everywhere at the same time, so your brain didn't have the chance to grasp what was happening.

Next time you should just sit back sometime (also in a club!) and just enjoy the people around you. That's what I always do. Give your brain time to take it all in.

But anyway, it's cool that you can enjoy your memories now. That's more than I can do this year!
Barbie said:
Imposter, what are the Bossa Mar appartments like???

Barbie, the Bossa Mar appartments are not as good as the Jet Appts. Last year I booked through Ministry and got the sh.itiest appt in the complex - i reckon they just keep the appts for the Ministry bookings.

This year I booked through another travel agent and the appt we got in the Bossa Mar was better then the previous year. Although there was no air con (i don't think any Bossa Mar appts have air con), the freezer broke, and we had to ask for clean towels a couple of times.

Thing is we didn't mind that much, as we paid a bit less then we would have paid for the Jet appts - and the location, as you know, is ideal!

Being a bloke - I am not that fussy about the accomodation, so i would go back to the Bossa Mar - it's only a place to crash after all!