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Landing at 930 tomorrow morning and got a couple of hours to kill before the rest of my crew arrive. Where should I go for a bite to eat (breakfast/brunch) in Ibiza Town, Fig or PDB? Preferably with a water view and not being charged €8 for a coffee….


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Landing at 930 tomorrow morning and got a couple of hours to kill before the rest of my crew arrive. Where should I go for a bite to eat (breakfast/brunch) in Ibiza Town, Fig or PDB? Preferably with a water view and not being charged €8 for a coffee….


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Landing at 930 tomorrow morning and got a couple of hours to kill before the rest of my crew arrive. Where should I go for a bite to eat (breakfast/brunch) in Ibiza Town, Fig or PDB? Preferably with a water view and not being charged €8 for a coffee….
Vanilla Beach was 6 euros for a coke and a sparkling water when we stopped in on Tuesday. Not too bad
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From last weeks trip, all San An:

Hostal La Torre - if you don't mind the 100 euro per head, book for sunset and the food and environment are well worth that for 3 hours. We spent £185 without any booze, just a sparkling water each, we really enjoyed padron peppers, salmon tartare and especially the miso aubergine to start. We both then had the rib steak, and it was good, far from the best ever, but not bad at all. The tip took it over the 200 euro, but it wasn't mentioned about the minimum. 8/10

Savannah - a late afternoon snack, I had a pad thai, the missus had a duck wrap and we shared some edamame and spring rolls. Again, just a couple of waters, so no booze in the 60 euro bill, plus 10 for the tip. All very passable and the service was good. My pad thai came out cold but they sorted pretty quickly on being told, so not a major issue. 6.5/10

Golden Buddha - a couple of afternoon late snack visits, ordered various small plates and didn't have the service problems others have recounted recently. Food was good, service was good, and you cannot beat the location. Bill was about 40 euro each time, again no booze included. 7/10

Can Grao - this cafe-looking place in San An Bay is still a favourite of mine. We had both the hake, roman style (battered), with chips and salad, and it was really good. The service was probably slower than anywhere above, but because it was very busy, that was acceptable to us. The bill, with waters each, was about 30 euro. Recommended for filling up at a very reasonable price. 8.5/10

It's a little cooler now, but what we found in the heat of that week, is that more than one proper meal per day was too much. After eating late at Golden Buddha on Sunday afternoon, and then Hostal La Torre on Sunday evening, it was only @stivi 's Monday morning easy (!) hike that saved me being bloated for the whole of the next day. Other days where we had a late lunch, we often opted for some meats and cheeses on our balcony for sunset, which Blau Park is perfect for. Balcony 8/10:lol:


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This was a short trip for me, but visited the following:

La Gaia: Amazing! Service, food, and experience was exquisite. Food presentation (and taste!) was perfect in every dish. Go!! Make sure you you book ahead. As a solo diner, they made me feel very welcome. Every single member of staff was warm and welcoming. I stayed at a cheap place in Ibiza town and walked over.

Rita's: There was nothing *wrong* with it, and maybe I didn't order the right things, but after reading it the 5 star reviews, maybe I was expecting more? It was very busy and service was good. Only ordered a coffee, juice and cheese/tomato toast, so maybe need to give it more of a chance. Would go again to see if maybe it's just what I ordered.

Es Virot: Beautiful setting. Food was great. I was really tired that evening, so probably would have enjoyed it more if I was more awake.

La Escollera: Came here in the late afternoon after I'd walked through the trail from Ibiza town through PDB. Mussels were delicious. Seemed a bit hectic, but was all good... And I was just really hungry after the (hot!) walk. Staff offered an extra drink and were helpful in getting me a taxi.

Mundo Street Food: Was very near the hotel I was staying at in San An (changed hotels after one night) and went here Tuesday the day after DC10 when I woke up in the afternoon. Was perfect for this as I was not in a space to walk very far or think too hard. Had burger and curly fries. A variety of different things in the menu.

Es Ventall: Was very near hotel. Got there at 11 and was interested in the tasting menu (probably should have gone earlier and made a reservation) but it was too late for that. The food I had was really good, however (prawn croquettes for a starter and sea bass for main) and well presented. Staff also very welcoming and friendly. Make sure you ask for a seat in the courtyard.

Can Cosmi: Stopped for a cold drink after a walk down and up from Ses Balandres. Very kind, staff. Other people appeared to enjoy what they were eating

Es Tragon: Wow! What an experience. Do it! It was recommended earlier to me in this thread to do both (La Gaia and Es Tragon) as they are both very different; this so true!The setting at Es Tragon is gorgeous and the food too. Every dish was incredible and there was a well-explained history before every dish. Can't recommend it enough!

Summary: Go to BOTH LA Gaia and Es Tragon. Worth it!
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Hello everyone!

It's that time of the year again... back from Ibiza about 2 weeks ago, and now time for my yearly restaurant review which has been a tradition for so many years ;-)


Sa Trinxa:

As always, the food is very good, despite being the same menu for many years, I like the choice, there is something for everyone...
And as every year, I can only recommend their Sangria de Cava Rosado on the beach before heading to the restaurant, with some pan con aïoli... and it is my favorite aïoli ;-)
Better to book a table when you arrive at Sa Trinxa, there can be a queue at some moment...
It is not overpriced for the location and quality of food, great staff.

Ibiza Town & Dalt Vila:

Can den Para:

We came back to Can den Para every year, amazing Paella is amazing, one of the best we tried on the island.
I take as usual the double steak with goat cheese in the middle and delicious sauce... but you must be very hungry for that one ;-)
I tried the Greixonera for the first time, and it was a delicious dessert!
We received free homemade Hierbas to finish... this year the Hierbas was prepared by the boss' wife, excellent!
The prices are not expensive at all.

Croissant Show:

We didn't eat there this year, but I wanted to mention it only for their almond croissants which are still soooooo good! We were with some Ibiza virgins and we had to make them try it ;-)



We discovered Patchwork last year and we had to come back, a stunning view for the sunset, probably one of the best rooftop around.
Lebanese food at its best, tasty, well prepared, amazing cocktails!
My favorite dish was the falafel pitta bread, you have to try it!
Food prices are ok, this can quickly go up with the wine and cocktails... but as usual, if you book there you know that it will not be cheap.
We will definitely go back!

Fish Shack:

It's been a few years already since we last went to Fish Shack, and I wanted to go back this year... and we were not disappointed.
Fish shack remains the same, great atmosphere, nice view over Ibiza Town & Dalt Villa, their fish is so fresh... and I can't stop eating their potatoes ;-)
Very friendly staff as usual... but I think they increased their prices a bit.

Playa d'en Bossa:

Sate House:

We had a quick lunch/breakfast before heading to the airport.
It was very good, big portions, I didn't expect that and couldn't finish my Tortilla.
Falafels were delicious, as all the other tapas we ordered... and my daughter took a croissant which looked so good!
The prices were OK, friendly staff. Perfect place for a quick stop.

Cala Llonga:


One of my favorites but we couldn't go last few years due to various reasons (canceled one year because my daughter was sick, then the year after it was fully booked,...).
I was so happy to be back there! And it was an amazing experience, as every time we went there.
Cocktails are probably some of the bests on the island, and the food... WOW
Their smoked salmon starter is out of this world...
We had a very good time, and the view from the cliff still has this WOW effect too :)
This was probably the friendliest staff we had during our stay!
It is definitely still one of my favorites ;)

Sant Joan:

Giri Café:

As every year we were back at this peaceful place!
The cocktails are very good, and so is their food.
The service was very kind again...
A bit pricey but the location is so nice and so quiet...
Unfortunately, their famous salmon tartar was not on the menu anymore :(

Cala de Sant Vicent:

The Boat House:

After Las Dallias hippy market we decided to go to Boat House as I had a good experience the last few times we went there.
And we weren't disappointed! We took their sharing plate which is like a Lebanese mezze, and we took a few other dishes to share.
Everything was perfect, a large selection of food, and good service.
Prices are normal.

Sant Jordi:

Rasca Lobos:

After a nice sunset hike with the one and only @stivi, we headed over to Rasca Lobos to "recover" and eat some tapas.
As usual, the portions were soooo big! But with @stivi we know there will be not much left on the plates :-D
Their Russian salad is still my favorite, but we took almost one of each tapas of their selection, and everything was very good!
If you're not sure of the quantity you want to order, ask the staff because it is really big ;-)
The owner is so kind to us every time. This is one of my favorite tapas places...
The prices are quite cheap.

Can Sala:

For our last night, we had the chance to go to Can Sala to finally meet @McRackin, and @stivi was there too.
The quality of food was perfect, tapas at their best, and lots of choice.
We took a lot of different tapas to try, and we even ordered some of them twice because they were so good ;-)
That kind of perfect dinner with nice people, very good food, a great atmosphere with lots of locals, and on top of that, it was so cheap!
Note that they are also doing their own version of Cafe Caleta, not prepared like at Sa Caleta but it was actually very good!
It was nice to meet you @McRackin ! See you next time for sure ;-)

Sant Josep:

Raco Verde:

What should I say about Raco Verde that I didn't say before...
It is so good, the service is so friendly, the prices are cheap...
For those who don't know that place, they serve a mix of Spanish & Mexican dishes.
There was a British female DJ playing very good house (not too loud of course).
I can only recommend people to go there, as I'm doing every year here :)

Sa Caleta - Restaurant es Bol Nou:

We had a bad experience last year, but previously we were fans of this restaurant, so we wanted to give it one more chance... maybe last year it was because of the covid situation...
But it seems they didn't learn from their mistakes... we were again disappointed.
Service was not good at all, our waiter was forgetting our orders, sometimes not showing up for like 30 minutes... until she completely disappeared, we were left alone with no one to take our orders in charge... finally we had to go inside and have someone come up.
Another waiter served our Cafe Caleta after requesting it twice but not even some apologies, not even a single smile... And even the food was not as good as it used to be...

If someone from Sa Caleta team is reading this, you really have to improve your service... we were regular customers, and every year with like 7 or 8 people...
2 years in a row, this shouldn't happen... we will not come back, or maybe only for a Cafe Caleta.

Santa Eulalia / Sant Joan:


We loved the place last year and we had to come back.
And like for last year, very good service, amazing food, their sushis are truly amazing.
The restaurant is so beautiful...
The only thing to mention is I mixed up things on the menu (and 2 friends too ;-)), and I ordered a second starter instead of the main course, I was looking at the price and thought I was ordering the main course... but not... it was a very very expensive starter :-D I left a bit hungry, but it was my fault ;)
Anyway, we had an amazing time too, but it is an expensive restaurant.

Santa Gertrudis:


We went to Musset at Santa Gertrudis for a brunch, and it was very good!
They have a large selection of healthy food for breakfast or lunch, and some very good detox juices,...
Had a wonderful moment there, a quiet village, with perfect staff.
Really recommended if you're around.

I'm Just back and I already booked my next stay for 1 week, end of October... Ibiza calling again... I'm still addicted :)

I guess I will do my next restaurant review beginning of November :)
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on sa caleta - it's a lovely place and I love their café caleta, but the food quality sadly hasn't been up there with the best for a while now. I am sure I said that a year or two ago already.


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Pretty sure I saw someone wearing them when I was there at the beginning of the month. There was someone wearing shorts that night too! It wasn't too dressed up, but some definitely were!
Yea I imagined people would make the effort but just wondered. The Mrs is planning her outfit and we're not there til next month