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Discussion in 'Ibiza parties and clubs' started by zchas31, Mar 13, 2018.

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    Will stress this is merely a rumour I heard, but Loco Dice plays v.few Ibiza dates this year.
    If I had to guess - i'd say maybe we see him and Cox play together on Dice's bday like we used to at Space and also last year at Hyte? Mid-late August if memory serves me correct. Just speculating here.
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    A lot has been said about Resistance over in the gossip thread while yes not overly interesting, nobody can deny that it is not a smart play by Resistance. They brought in "big" names that people know and will most likely rush to go see (also names that are associated with the brand globally). To be fair, a lot of these names look like what Enter used to look like and people were in uproar when Enter left (Richie, Paco, Mood, Maceo -- and I'm willing to bet you'll see some others like maybe Hito, Matador, etc make an appearance). I've also said it awhile back and am still willing to bet you'll see Adam b2b Capriati on at least one night where they headline and maybe a few of the Drumcode artists like Paganini, Luigi Madonna, etc also appear. The one name i dont understand is Jamie Jones with his Paradise residency but I guess maybe he will appear as a guest or something like that. I dont see how anyone could have anticipated anything different for this night. Tuesdays looking lack luster (at least to me because Prydz is of no interest), this surely has all the potential to be a massive success.
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    Yes, they have gone all out with few expenses spared to build up the roster to build the night as a powerhouse. They are different in that it is a huge global festival brand behind them.. so they have the resources to play the long game and don't need to make money the first 1 or 2 seasons.
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    I think Coxys nights and Resistance showed the potential Privilege still has. I think the first few dates need to be big to build momentum, and make it the only place to be on Tuesdays.
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    Easier to pack when you start July 17th...

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