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could you re-write that in English please?

preferably with a tracklisting - so we know whether to bother

not everyone who visits ibiza or our forum has perfect commmand of the vagaries of the english language - that's why we have a spanish and german language section on the forum. apolo25 is not a native english speaker but i'm quite able to understand the gyst of what he means, after all, music is perhaps the most international language on our planet?
'm Not able to put the song list, where he recorded a meeting not prepared lists of songs I put what I think, anyway at this meeting all the songs are well known.
Health for all.
Dont give up uour day job!

I took the time to download this. To be honest the quality is very poor. If you are going to upload mixes on here they really need to be up to be at least 6 over 10.

Not being nasty, just honest feedback.