Remember Where You Lost It! Ibiza 2009


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Welcome to my latest mixed DJ sets!

"Remember Where You Lost It! Ibiza 2009" is a 4 CD Compilation about the emotion and the feeling in the tracks, with its best clothes on and it’s party attitude firmly in place.
A compilation that demands to be danced to and will hopefully raise a smile from the most cynical of clubbers.
The transitions are seamless and to be honest, even with tracklist in hand you'll have some trouble picking out cuts you knew by heart after they'd been chopped in DJ Maquiavelo's blender. To some degree, that's what a good mix is about—letting go of the control freak in you and letting someone else's taste wash over you. Like any tour bus ride, there are landmarks and stops you like more than others. But for someone that usually finds mix albums uniquely infuriating and out of focus, this one's a grooving winner. You'll be jumping back in line to ride it again soon.
It's a mix for right now, but also, it seems, easily capable of withstanding obsolescence. odds are you'll be playing this one long after other compilations have passed their expiration date.

I could go on, but it's best you hear it for yourself.

Party hard people & be happy!
Infinite & Unconditional Love to everyone out there ! ,

DJ Maquiavelo