Recommendations for Vocal Deep house clubs/events


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Hi everyone,

I'll be in Ibiza June 19-23. It'll be my first time there and I'm really excited. I've been looking at the clubs/events for that week and I can't really find any Deep house/vocal deep house artists/events/clubs.

Can anyone recommend anything that I'm possibly missing?

I've posted some examples of the Deep house/vocal deep house music I'm looking for.


Kim Wrong Un

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nah it's just fun. people can call what they listen to whatever they want. it's only really an issue for me when you're searching on say juno and there's 1000s of tracks to wade through but all the filters are messed up.


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Thanks for the recommendation, bodyworks at Hi seems perfect, but unfortunately that event starts the week after I will be there.

What would you guys classify that type of music as?

I'll probably just end up picking something else or hopefully they'll add more events by the time I get there.


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Sounds good, Thanks everyone.

Also, if I buy my tickets from this site, do I actually have to print the ticket, or is there an electronic ticket I can use on my phone?