Radiohead - Street spirit (remix)


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This track was remixed by Dam0.

have a listen.
Lovely is it going to be a full length when finshed Damo nice wee number going on there
cheers all :)

@sean: i have a few bits to add, maybe a longer build until the 1st break so its better for mixing into but its prob gunna stay around the 8min mark if possible. I have a tendancy to go over 9 mins most the time!

@comin': yeah its not that deep, i was aiming for mainstream 'tiesto trance' so i didnt wanna be cheesy but i didnt wanna be to techno or deep either. I produce various styles of stuff but i'm on the trance bandwagon at the moment so i'm stickin with it for a lil while.

I'll post up the finished article once its done :)
Nice,If you have it Finished soon i can give it some promoting on a Radio show in Belfast.. :D
seanbelfast said:
Nice,If you have it Finished soon i can give it some promoting on a Radio show in Belfast.. :D

sure, will do. cheers m8

@robo... You can have 0% of all the profits and revenues if you want?! :D A pint maybe :)
cheers dance4life :)

I do a lot of house normally vdub, just really wanted to do trance with this one. I'm doing a breaks mix of this too soon, i'll prob start tomorrow :D
Hey great job on that dam0! :) I love that song and you made it even better! I haven't been on here in a while and so I just now read this post, I'm always amazed at how many talented and interesting people we have on here! :D ;) Oops, I didn't realize that I responded to this post and the other one too, oh well :rolleyes:
hehe i thought i'd gone mad! i was sure i'd already posted to ur reply, then i realised what had happened :)

thanks again jannica :D
jamesthemonkeh said:
i remember oakenfold playing a version of street spirit at homelands years ago

Nice one dam0, this is one of my fav all time tunes, good choice!

James, i heard that remix at godskitchen a couple of years ago, loved it!