Radio 1 weekend



This will be my 4th time in Ibiza (2nd August - 10th August) and i have been to the radio one weekends for the last 2 years and will be going this year. In 2001 the events were held all over the chipy, sarah cox at coastline, judje jules and roger sanchez at mambo and so on. And then last year they moved to their new place at the windmill. I think the windmill site was a great place but i found it well too packed alot more than previous years i suppose it added to the experience but was a bit of a mission to dance let alone move. What do u lot think of this move?
I will be there for the radio1 weekend as well i have been for the past 3 radio 1 weekends i would'nt go any other time..the atmosphere on those beach parties is unreal
I agree to that it is something out of this world. But you have to be careful of the indian women who tie things round your little fingers pray to you and then ask for 20 squid!!!!! Have they announced any special guests yet?
I was quite wasted at the time, so thats my excuse! I was with 2 of my mates at the time and we were all pretty wasted i think we ended up giving them about 40 Euros between us all and 1 of my mates wouldn't take the tie thing off all night cause he was scared that it would bring him bad luck and the women would haunt him. Trippin out a little if u ask me.
The first one in 1996 was good, with Tongy at Cafe Del Mar and Sasha @ amnesia. I think it's a little busier now than then though :)
it will be my 4th year too!!!

for me the windmill site last year was quality!!!!

radio 1 adds to the atmosphere and the excitement! everyone is buzzing when they are there!!!
Went last year for the Radio 1 weekend - was good but we didn't get too into the site - too busy having a drink outside.

This years works out good for us and we leave on the sat of it and don't want a too mental last night - going to Punta es moli for the live shows might be ideal!
this is my second year in a row....but im an takes alot for us to get out to ibiza...about 14 hours of flying and layover time because nowhere from this country flies directly to the island....6 and a half hours to madrid, 5 hour layover and then 1 and a half hours to the time u get to the hotel its about 14 hours....u Brits are so damn lucky
IamCanadian said:
How long is the flight from heathrow?

A flight from Heathrow takes around 2 hours...i think! I fly from Manchester and it takes just over 2 hours.
As for the Radio 1 event at the windmill, i think it was quality! I was there last year also. We all got there a bit early so we could actually see something and not be rammed into a corner! Take lots of drink with you though! As for the toilets........not a pretty sight! We're staying in the Bay this year so we dont have to walk as far!
Radio 1 Weekend was amazing last year!! The site was packed, but there was nice room to dance near the front left speaker next to some very fit birds ;) Planning to go next year during R1 weekend again!