Radio 1 week in Ibiza ** review **



Arrived on the Wednesday B4 radio 1 weekend - went to Bar M got bit pissed - ignored going clubbing due tro a massive comedown from a mad weekend in the UK weekend previous.

Thursday went to cream Amnesia - wow, great club but so so busy. Very much like being at home though. Cool to get on the Disco bus at 8am with 2 old ladies on board going to San Antonio with all us mash heads & pumping music on the bus.

Friday went to Radio 1 Pete Tongs set and then watched Fergie. A guy called Les Hemstock played a 30 min set as well - whatta set that was. I went to Pacha later that night - Bev my friend stayed in and recovered.

Saturday - done Manumission Priviledge, what a club or what ever u call it.
Stumbled out of there at 7am and met up with some American guys. Went to Space then and the US guys gave us free tickets for Space - cool..
Space was soooo amazing - David Moralis on the Terrace in the morning-we were wrecked by then....

Bev met up with a guy from the Radio 1 set at Space - got chatting and we left there at 2pm Sunday and went back to their villa and met the group Intenso Project who were ganna play on Dave Pieces set later that evening. We all left the villa (& tasty pool) at 7pm and went to the Radio 1 set with VIP admission & free bar. Wow, such hospitallity and amazing experience.. I got chatting to the drummer for an hour or so - cool guy..

Left the Radio 1 set at 12pm Sunday night and went to El Divino in Ibiza for Little Louie Vega playing Soul Heaven. We were speeding by then. What an incredible experience that was - such talent !!
Got home at 9am and slept all day and night - we'd been up over 2 days!!

Tuesday night went to Pacha for Perfecto and Oakey - whatta guy - whatta set - I bought 2 Paul oakenfold in Ibiza cds at the Pacha shop and mangaed to get Paul to sign them both - 1 is a 21st Birthday present for my niece who doesn't know yet as she is still on holiday.

Came home Wednesday night only to see some guy get on the back of the plane looking like Paul Oakenfold - but he seemed shorter.
Got to Gatwick and you'd never guess but Oakey was in the luggage area waiting for his records. So So-real. The luggage was delayed for an hour with Oakey on his mobile stressing - really wierd experience that was being around him so long.
Got home at 2am and have been recovering since. I found out the guys name on the Radio 2 set on Friday (Les Henstock) & email his webpage to thank him for such an amazing set - got a personal reply back from him thanking me for my mail and my kind words.

What an amazing holiday that was - a truly incredible experience that I'll never forget.
Thank you for reading this !!!

Jeff from Brighton
No, no! thank you for posting this!

Did you go to FB slim's party by the way? If so, how would you compare the organisation of R1 friday night with FBs's fiasco?
looks like you had a whale of a time and lots of freebie nights too you lucky sod! :D
The Radio 1 weekend was a blast... I only made it out to all of Saturday's festivities, but it was so amazing. The people there made it great.

BTW, Les Hemstock is of the trance duo Hemstock & Jennings. Great producers.

Glad to see you had a great time.