R&B /HipHop in Ibiza??????......



Originally wanting to go to Ayia Napa..... ma mate has somehow convinced me to go to Ibiza on Aug 8th 2003....only reason why im dubious of goin is cos im a hardcore Hip Hop / R&B listener and cant stand house/dance/trance etc.& i know Ibiza is renound for tha latter so im predicting lots of unhappy club nites 4 me :cry:

Please tell me there are plenty of clubs that im gon be able to shake ma thang at???/....anyone?!

muchos Gracias ;)
ouch for you!
you sounds like a good friend! they must of done some pretty good persuading!

try a few bars/clubs in the west end i'd say
not sure about anything else though

poeple wsn't there an rnb night on at esparadis?
Occasionally Underwater @ Pacha are hosting an R&B room with people like Trevor Nelson but other than that you're going to be miserable I'm afraid.
The West End is b*llox
think they had twice as nice last year, but dont know of any other nights like that!
Give me your holiday and you can go rebook for Aiya Napa, you'd be shaking your thang there girl! ;)
Monday - Urban @ El Divino
Tuesday - Underwater @ Pacha (back room)
Wed - Subliminal @ Pacha (some weeks the back room has Neneh Cherry djing - i guess she'll be urban tinged)
Thur - Twice as Nice @ Es Paradis
Fri - Pure Pachas back room is Soul from the Munich Pachan

nothing for sat & sun yet in the genre

hope that helps
Do one frankly......Should have stuck to ya bling bling roots and gone to Napa!

Seriously - there are (unfortunately) a few of those types of nights in Ibiza - shouldnt bother catering for those sorts......anyway I thought it was a 'Landan ting?!'

you goto ibiza on my birthday!!! sorry that was no help to you at all.
ibiza should be able to cater for all kinds of music and i'm glad to see AT LAST that there is variety being represented in ibiza this year

:lol: ...thanx 4 ya replies im now looking forward to going. Is there any garage out there too? (yeh i know it aint Napa) but im tryin!

So wen are you all out there this year??
...oh & Ian Bit ...what do ya mean 'shouldnt cater for those sorts'?? :x
Messygyal said:
:lol: ...thanx 4 ya replies im now looking forward to going. Is there any garage out there too? (yeh i know it aint Napa) but im tryin!

So wen are you all out there this year??

i think garage heaven is out there this year, and helter skelte are at es-paradis if you like your old skool.

july 20th is the magical day i depart.

what about you?
August 8th-15th (please all fit men depart on this date also) hehe
& cant fuccin wait!!! im in dire need of a holiday!!!!
Messygyal said:
...oh & Ian Bit ...what do ya mean 'shouldnt cater for those sorts'?? :x

What do i mean - Ibiza should not cater for these shabby sorts that lower the tone of the place for the rest of us!! Bling bling is very much something that is no needed in Ibiza!

Soul City is the only club to play rnb all week-Im a little disappointed being a huge rnb & hip hop fan myself. Went to Napa last year and wish I was going this year, departing for the glorious party isle on 2nd of Aug.
Missygyal, im sorry i dont mean to be rude bit the ibiza expeience might change your life...before i went to ibiza for the firsttime i HATED dance, trance, and that kinda music...R&B was my style but i ended up loving it so much so when i got home i completely forgot abour r.kelly, mary j blige and so on....tiesto, paul van dyk and armin van buren + a lot of chillout filled the shelves instead.

try something new, who knows you might end up liking it? just a thought!
I'm going in less than 2 weeks and I can't wait!

I can get down to any kind of music with the exception of country and death metal but I love House music and Hip hop/RnB.

I'm going to twice as nice on Thurs 3rd July as it breaks it up from the Soul Heaven night @ El divino on Weds. so when I hit pacha on Friday it will all sound fresh again... Then again a night of kip would probably help too....

Anyone one out there on my dates and want to link up for a bit Rnb /Hip hop as all my mates are big into their house music and like other people who have posted on here won't open themselves into other types of music.

Keep it riggity real! :lol:
Melissa J...i guess il see u in Soul city then!

Ian bit .. :x .ur an ass........4real....and an ignorant one at that. How exactly do 'us shabby sorts' 'lower the tone' 4 the rest of you??...Its people like you that make me not want to go to Ibiza!

Ibiza Girlie. ;) ..i hope your right...im not totally against House/Dance i can tolerate it enough to allow maself to enjoy ma holiday...i just prefer hip hop. :lol: but all the same im really looking forward to going to Ibiza (still crossing fingerz that we go Falaraki instead though hehe)