Question time - Thur 18th - Ian Hislop et al


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Love him or loathe him he was funny on question time last night.

Made a fantastic gaff near the end of the show, all but called Harriet Harmen (and other panelists) mingers in a round about way:lol::lol::lol:

During all the times I have watched the programme I cannot recall one panelist being so evasive as Harmen. She didn't answer a single question all evening. Wouldn't even preclude herself from a leadership challenge. All the while making out as though gormless gordon was doing a brilliant job! Harriet Harmen as PM, now that would be the end of the world:eek:

Mind you Allan Duncan looks shiftier than a naughty ferret.

Vince Cable for president.
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hazel blears @ ian mccartney - a gruesome two some. no really, it did happen (i've heard)

I was once on question time. no honestly. in audience mind, but when dimbelby did his before the news promo slot, he was stood in front of me & then someone sat in front of me asked a question, i got a good 5 minutes tv time!
No, that would be if David Cameron becomes PM.

As sure as night follows day he will be the next PM:!:

I honestly believe Vince Cable is the most credible politician currently able to lead the country, obviously an impossibility but hey hoy. Maybe a free transfer to the blue corner might do the trick:lol::lol::lol:
You make that assertion Clara, but I don't think there is much reason to think that a Tory Govt this time round would be so cataclysmic.

Both parties are centrist and the Tory's are becoming quite attractive under Cameron as a party of social progressiveness. I consider myself socially liberal and certainly don't find myself turned off by the idea of Cameron as leader.

As WeluvIbiza said, it's a near cert he will the the next PM, unless the Labour Party go into meltdown. Goodbye nanny state party!