question for the tech heads RE :IE display bugs

Looks fine to me on IE.

Obviously, best to use CSS for your whole site if possible.

Where's the bug?
Hello Morbs.

Its on the alignment of the buttons across the top.

They are out of bonk on the initial load up then once cached they sort themselves out.

Been a while since I engaged in any web stuff so yes it does look like a CSS/DIV solution..
To be honest I wouldn't be worried about IE6 for to much longer, it's on the deathbed with IE8 coming out. Google's browser Chrome is going to have a massive impact too. Don't use tables, do xhtml/css, you can get free css reference at
I think you still have to worry about IE 6, 7 and 8, as well as Firefox 2 & 3, Safari and now Chrome.

Coley, it opened up fine in my IE 7 right off the bat. If you're concerned, another option is to make the buttons into one single graphic and then map the link zones.

Also, there's a good site for checking cross-browser compatibility:

I know how to use CSS but I have to admit I still use a lot of tables. :oops: It's just so much easier in some instances and I'm convinced future browsers will always support them...