Pussycat bar ticket prices?


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Anyone on the island got any prices for buying tickets from the Pussycat bar?
particularly :

Judgement Sundays
Hed Kandi

When we went last year it was normal prices for the big nights, but then again we went in August so i guess thats the norm everywhere you try to get them from!
I;m back out there June 26th so normally some deals to be had, sometimes just a drink voucher or two but every little helps. If anyone is passing let me know what they have on offer, can't find their email or phone contacts anywhere.
Skiddle.com is doing Wonderland tickets for £27.75 inc booking fee.

Can't see them being as cheap as that out there?

Also if anyone knows cheapest place for Tiesto tickets would be much appreciated
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Pcat was normally a couple of euros cheaper for tickets when we went there. You also get a free condom with every cocktail ! cant say fairer than that really!! :D

Yea, its the bar just in front of the harbour in San-an. I think one street along from where the West End starts. Just in front of 'Del Mar' apartments (not to be confused with cafe del mar :) )

I just bloody told ya :) couple of euros cheaper than most other places. Say cream was e35 they were e33 in pussycat or something similar. Not always cheaper but sometimes.

Tbh just go there for the awesome cocktails and the great bar staff (Does anyone know the Spanish guys name who is part owner of it? I forgot but awesome chap... Free tip: Dont ask for the 4 litre fishbowl though like we did last year between two of us... ends messy :D