psy-trance in ibiza?


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hi, we're a bunch of guys and girls from israel and love trance, yet not the oakenfold trance, but psychedelic trance or goa trance. we're coming for 4 days in august and i wondered if there is a place where they play psy-trance in ibiza?

thanks, Alon.

examples for psytrance groups: gms (based in ibiza), infected mushroom, x-dream...
there's a place up north. called dalllinas or something. monday nights are psy-trance parties. saw a poster in san joan for it. in fact, hang around the north of the island and you will sure hit paydirt. the rest of the island is more commercial and free outdoor raves a bit hard to come by
go to l as dalias every wensday night cool diner+party
go to beniras beach at sunset if you are lucky you can meet max riktam serge and informations on outdoos parties