Professional Model with extensive Marketing/PR skills looking for Events Work in 2018

Hello all

I am a professional model and freelance assistant event planner looking for events work in Ibiza this summer. I have a degree in marketing and advertising and have run my own successful businesses for 15 years.

I have extensive marketing and PR experience and am highly organised, very literate and articulate, with great people skills and ability to think fast on my feet and thrive in stressful environments

I am looking for event related work whether that be in clubs, parties, corporate events or well-being retreats/festivals (I live a holistic lifestyle and am a passionate yoga lover!) I would also be happy to work as a rep/team leader, anything that involves me organising and thinking creatively for a wage rather than just selling tickets on commission

Yes of course I love to dance and party at times but I am primarily interested in building a successful long term career in events, perhaps even moving to Ibiza permanently

I will also take modelling work to pay my way if required

I have a flight booked to Ibiza on May 6th and am looking for sensibly priced accommodation and serious job offers/interviews - in the meantime I am happy to forward my CV and cover letter to prospective employers

I look forward to your replies x