Pound/Euro Exchange Rate Info


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I'm heading out to Ibiza on Thu 10 Sept and really looking forward to it. The only problem is that the pound seems to be in freefall against the Euro. Best I can get on the high street here in the UK is 1.10 euros for £1.00, comission free.

I seem to remember that last time I was out there, the exchange rates on the island were better than those in the UK. So to those of you out there currently or fortunate enough to be residents, are the rates out there any better than this?

Thanks in adv.
The exchanges rates started out at 1.11 at the beginning of last week and finished around 1.09 on Saturday evening which is slightly highier than the UK rates. These rates are from San An Bay a few commission free Spar shops near to the Olde London Tavern, both sterling and travellers cheques. Have you tried Travelex? and exchange some of the money before you go? Ihave a HSBC Plus account and got around 1.10 on most tranfers after all the charges from Santander in San An town

Get a Nationwide debit card or Abbey Zero credit card for the best rates i.e. the actual exchange rate.
I'll second this - I'm heading out tomorrow armed with both :)

Using the Nationwide card in Europe is no different to using it in the UK, no charges, commission etc and the Abbey only charges you the interest on the amount spent.
euro in PDB

Sorry to resurrect this thread :confused: I am travelling out Saturday and was wondering the exchange rate in and around PDB. Currently being offered 1.1075 from travelex comm free.
Was wondering best place / rates in PDB to exchange and what current rate is :?:

Have found Uno's supermarket best in the past, but was looking for some local advice etc, any help would be much appreciated ta :D8)
la sirena are good if they are offering exchange.but a nationwide card is best.i would go with travelex if thats the rate.uno;s will be around 108 i bet
Best thing to do is compare the best prices on the internet and write the best ones down and take it in to your travel agent and ask them to match it. I got offerd 1.11 in my travel agents but I saw it for 1.15 on the net and they matched it.
According to Sky News £1,05 buys only 1 euro on yesterday's exchange rate.

Lucky for those who would've been affected by this low rate it didn't happen during the summer holidays.:)