please help!!!!!!!


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there is nine of us going san an this year!!!!! 23rd july for 2weeks!!!!!!

one of my mates has got a girlfriend and been going out with her for about 6months!!!!!
do you think he will regret being faithfull to her when he goes on holiday!!!!! or should he see her off and live thedream in ibiza!!!!!

i dont no what to suggest but he does really like her!!!!! but its his first lads holiday i think he may look back when he is older and regret not living the dream!!!!!!!
what do you think!!!!!
It was 2 years ago my ex boy friend decided to go to Ibiza with his friends. His flight was on Friday, we split up on Tuesday... I don´t know if he regrets it now, but he didn´t do it then.
Any way I don´t have any problem of going to Ibiza as I am single.

must be the answer a am afraid.

as i have found both male and female with or with out boy friends in ibiza can be tempted.

kind of un written rule what happerns in ibiza stays in ibiza and no one has to know.

or just hide the photo's