Please Help (Ibiza Virgin comin in a week!)



Hey everyone im new to the board and i was wondering if all you expert cluubers can help me out an do me a favor. My best friend from the States will be in Ibiza next week (July 28-Aug-4) and has never been there before. He has no clue about which clubs to go to and which nights are best, etc. The reason why i am writing this and he isnt is cuz he is computer illiterate and cant really find the time to get to a computer while he is touring europe. Lucky me huh? I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or input what so ever on any big events, parties, big dj's playing and happenings for the dates he will be in ibiza. Basically he is just looking to go completely mad and crazy since it is his 1st time there and is on vacation!!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance!
The nights he goes to really depends on what type of musc he's into.
Have a look on the calander on this site to see who is playing where and when.
Things I would recommend@
Sundays at Space - the terrace is a must do.
A visit to Pacha - I nevwer made it last year due to over doing it the night before I planned to go, something I regretted all year.
A nice meal watching the sunset.
A visit to Bora Bora.
And, if he doesn't get sea sick and likes to chill, a day on formentera...

There is loads of info on the site and this forum, so he shouldn't have any trouble finding stuff to do that's up his street...