Playgirl,cyber,hula-hula...wot do u think?


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:?: Wot do u people fink about dressin up 4 clubbin? Do u indulge yrslvs?
E.g. Bunnygirls, hula-hula girls, G8crashr style furry legs, headgear, leather, pvc, damn expensiv designr casual gear.

Lemme kno b intrestd in yr vu's n experiences.

P.S. Keep an i owt 4 a bunnygirl floatin roun the white isle frm 6/9 ;)

Also any 1 got any vu's on Space on Sunday, & Perfecto @ Pascha?
I thought you was going to talk about the playgirl at the top of the west end :D 65 Euros for 20 minutes, what a rip off! not that I would have thought of doing it of course ;)
Ahhh ur txt style post is very hard to read in my non-sober state! Well, I seen loads of cybers at Godskitchen @ Eden but I don't dress up myself
For me there's either 2 types of dressing up:
Full on cyber OR
Funky casual cyber.

Full on cyber works when you wear as much cyber gear and accessories as you can so you glow like a light bulb!

Funky casual cyber works by teaming casual items (such as a short denim skirt) with cyber items.

But there is one golden rule to all of this, "Fluffly legwarmers MUST be worn at all times and occassions!" :p