Playa den bossa or San Antonio??


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Hey Guys,

Me and my fella went to IBIZA last year and realy LOVED it. It was wicked. Wanna go again this year in July (we went in September last year)

We stayed in San Antonio last year in Pisics Park nr the egg loved the location etc, we went to bora bora beach one day and it was great.

Were both young and love to party but wud love any advice on were to stay either playa den bossa or San Antonio.


when i stayed there in 2001 i got £260.00 back from tui.what a dump.not save at all.if you liked pdb then why not try there this year.
cannot fault sal rossa atps.right on beach front.good food nice staff.check home page for booking this place.
In PDB dependant on budget try Jabeque Apts, Hotel Algarb, both good, a bit further toward Figuretas and not so far to walk into Ibiza town. You have the choice then of three resorts within a short walk either way :)

In San an try the nautilus right at the far end of the bay & catalina apts above cafe del mar both good, but at completely different ends of resort and different atmospheres.

Personally love PDB cause its quieter great beach but easilly accessible to ibiza town, salinas, airport etc etc.

Honestly, my best friend and I didn't know when we booked last year and went with both. We spent half of our time in San Antonio and the other half in PDB. It turns out, we were glad to have seen both parts, but PDB was closer to the clubs and of course closer to the beach! However, San Antonio had, in my opinion, better restaurants (I love pubs and there were plenty of them in S.A.) and the sunsets were amazing!!!! I didn't get to see the sunset show last year but plan on checking it out this year!

To answer you question, we are booking this year's entire trip in Playa Den Bossa based on last year's experiences :)