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Hey everybody!
I've always wanted to make it to Ibiza to party it up, and its starting to look like i'll be able to.... I'm planning a trip with a bunch of friends to attend Ibiza in july 2003. I've been doing a lot of research on clubs and hotels and all the touristy stuff, but one thing that is difficult to find out is the recommended places. I've been reading through and got good information about clubs and read nearly the whole site of ibiza-spotlight. I'm also looking for opinions on towns to be at and hotels. From what I read thus far, it seems like San Antonio is a town everyone likes. Also for hotels, I've heard you dont need a 4 or 5 star place... Should I go to a 2 star hotel, save money for parting? Also are most hotels on the beach? For this being my first trip there I want to make it an awesome trip. SO an personal opinions on town and hotels would be great.
Hey man:

I just got back from Ibiza. Definetly stay near Ibiza Town, We choose a four star Hotel Goleta! Great full service, air conditioned, pool, bars etc,
plus full breakfeast and dinner buffet (great food) for $144 a night!
Plus its right on Playa En Bosse. A five minute walk to Bora Bora and a ten minute walk to Space. Plus the Hotel staff will help with everything!
You can even walk to Ibiza town (30 minute walk) The hotel is right next to a market for virtually anything you want. Check out San Ant. for a night, don't stay there. Definetly make a trip out to Formentera for a day!
Awesome, fully nude beaches. Best water and Sand you'll find anywhere.
Las Salinas beach awesome! Check around town and pre parties, sellers etc for tickets to Clubs. If you make an effort, you'll rarely pay full price!
Free passes are often available at pre parties or in Ibiza Town! If you stay out all night, definetly forgo sleep and hit the beaches as well. Ibiza is basically anything you want it to be. It can be wild, mellow, calm etc.
If you dont want to blow alot of money in the clubs, the bars in Ibiza town and in San Antonio can be just as much fun, and a great way to meet people! I recommend renting a car for part of the trip. The transportation service kind of blows, but if you learn the bus schedule you can make it work pretty well. I hope this helps
Thanks for the reply. This is all helpful in planning so we know what to expect. Nothing is better than opinion of people who have been there, they always know, what to look for and dowhen planning a trip.
Keep reading through the winter, you will pick up some invaluable info from here, as we did for this years visit.

If lots of you 6+, consider a villa, everyone that we spoke to staying in a villa said it was the best way to do it.

Be happy