Piscis Park Hotel - San Antonio


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Ive read a few reviews and it seems a pretty wild place to stay. Needless to say ive booked it as i dont intent to kip much when im over.

Has anyone else stayed there? If so what did you think of it?

apparently is pretty basic, noisy and not the best hotel in San An - BUT its popular with the younger crowd who want to be in the centre of San An near all the bars and amenities....

have you checked reviews for it on t'internet?? :lol:
i'm staying here aswell, august 1st until the 8th. Haven't stayed there before but have been in the hotel quite a bit with room after parties and whatnot. can't say it was anything different to the paraiso (pre ibiza rocks era). So i'm not expecting much!
She also contracted Chlamydophila Pneumoniae, also known as Chlamydia, but didn't feel this was as a direct result of staying at the hotel.
The nasty STD chlamydia is caused by Chamydia Trochomatis, Chlamydia pneumoniae causes pnemonia....either or, i wouldn't wish to contract either at the hotel!
I stayed there 2 years in a row as the location is great in San An - central for buses, taxis, a minute walk to the beach - the rooms are basic, but it's a good place for meeting people. British and Italian crowd.

Cheap booze and friendly staff too.

The only place in the building with air con is the reception area, i slept more on the couches at reception than i did in my room :lol:
As has already been said; It's basic.

However, I had a great time when I was there. Friendly staff, pretty clean, decent size rooms.