Pin Up??



I've heard a few things about Pin-up and was wondering if anyone could supply some more info.

What is the club like, I heard it's open daytime aswell so i'm kinda picturing a mini space?
Where is it?

I am particularly interested in the Soul Heaven party on Wednesday, anyone know when these start - i'll be there from 20th to 27th June so hoping not to miss it.

Any other recommendations for parties happening in Pin-up. Any info much appreciated.
All I know is that it's in the northern part of Playa Den Bossa, off the main road going to Ibiza town and that it's right next to the beach. Garlands are doing every Tuesday there from 4pm, they have a terrace which is next to the beach and Soul Heaven are doing the Wednesday.

I could do with knowing more myself. :p
Soul Heaven opening party is Weds 25 June with the legend that is Kerri Chandler :D It's going to kick off mid-afternoon on the terrace and then move indoors bout 11pm. I'm planning on doing Soul Heaven in the day and then going to Subliminal at night.

To get there either walk along Playa den Bossa Road or the beach towards Figurentas.

Yeah it has got Terrace and Inside.

Apart from as Gecko said with Garlands on Tuesdays I don't know what else they're up to. Last year we went on Monday night after DC10 and that was busy and full of DC10 casualties :D
Soul Heaven opening party is Weds 25 June with the legend that is Kerri Chandler.

Thanks for the info folks. I hope your right Barbie as thats the Weds that i'm there but it don't say that on the party calendar.

Should be dead handy for us cause we're staying in Figurettes, does anyone know how to spell that word, Barbie your well wrong.

Anyway, is it expensive to get in/drinks etc. Wat time does it finish? Don't think i'll bother with Subliminal this year. Probably gonna be there at Pacha on Friday/Monday/Tuesday so might check out El Divino that nite.
Yay it's definitely the 25th, was at Soul Heaven @ Ministry this Saturday just gone and promoter confirmed it.

Pin-Up normally closes at 6am so I'd assume Soul Heaven will be doing the same thing.

It's a bit cheaper to get in than other clubs and drinks are cheaper (well they were last year, they might have put them up this year as more people are finding out about it).