Pin Up - whereabouts is it?


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'lo all... could anyone tell me exactly where Pin Up is? I stayed in the Jet Apartments last year so I know Playa d'en Bossa reasonably well, but I cant remember seeing it and would really like to get down there this year.

is it on the same main road that Burger King is up, but further up towards Ibiza Town?
Correct, past Burger King. It's further up that road on the right hand side next to the beach. Not sure exactly how far up. :confused:
You know that bizarre King Kong on the road the bus takes from Playa Den Bossa to Ibiza Town? Just down that wee side road.
5 minutes from Bora Bora. Walk along the beach if you like. You can NOT miss it. Last year there was just a few parties there, everyone was saying it was a great venue. I had a look and have to agree. This year could see the birth of a new venue that could stay for a while. Only thing is it is in a family resort!! Best bit though is you can come out, walk to Bora Bora and have a jug of sangria for breakfast!!