pills, what do people know?

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Just wondered about the situation of drugs in Ibiza. I have heard that, in certain areas, there are people offering pills every 100 metres. So I am interested to know about the safety of the pills, (ie: what their cut with) and is there many drug busts in the clubs, or does everyone get pilled up.

Cheers for any info or advice you can give me
I know that you can't ask that on here!!!

Sorry, not being funny, but questions like that threaten the existence of this forum for everyone!
ok, sorry about that. Literally my first post!!

If anyone can point me in the direction of boards that have info i would greatly appreciate it. Otherwise sorry for breaking the rules, hope I'm not banned!

dont buy from looky looky men thats the black guys who try to sell you sun glases and necklaces go into a reptuable bar and most will point you in the right directions if they dont sell to you directly. be careful taking pills in ibiza they are different to the ones in uk and taking drugs is dangerous and is not advisable to anyone
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