Pick Pockets!!!


Beryl the Peril

16 of us are due to fly out in around 5 weeks, and I was alarmed to hear from someone who just got back that there is a huge rise in pick pockets and it nearly happened twice! This is something ive never noticed being a problem over the last three years, has anyone who has been this year noticed this or can anyone site areas where it could be rather bad?

Thanks guys I would really appreciate your thoughts on this, kinda spoils all of us going out if we are constantly going to have to be on guard!
Pickpockets are only a risk if you aren't careful about where you put your cash.

I heard this about Barcelona before I went (group of 9 girlies) but we didn't have a problem. We carried our shoulder bags slung across our fronts and if any of us had rucksacks we carried them tourist style on our fronts instead of at the back where you can't see what's going on.

Basically if strangers try and distract you then be aware that there's a chance they might be after more than what they seem to be.

The problem is probably just as bad in your city centre as with every city (I know it is where I live) so don't worry, just be careful. :D
You see this all the time, but no more than you would anywhere else in the world :evil: The only time it has happened to us was when one of the girls left her jacket on a chair whilst dancing - when she came back - no purse, but not really a big surprise! Just take out what you need for the night and you won't have any problems :D :D
Thanks guys I do generally know to keep an eye on my stuff, but it was just when the person said to be wary of people being really friendly ect then trying slip there hands in his pocket, also the fact it happened to him twice! It just made me a bit worried incase things were different this year and had gotten substantially worse. :D
I had my bag snatched last year by some scabby local youth. This year, I didn't take a handbag out and put my purse in my pocket or in my boyfs wallet. During the day, I had my rucksack slung across my front if we were in a crowded area. If you have to have it on your back, i just avoid putting things in the front zip pocket.

Just a case of being aware really but you should be ok!

Have Fun x
I dont understand how you cant notice something missing from your pockets or even the feeling of somebody going into your pockets, i always feel my pcket to check if the stuff i put in there is still there, just in case it fell out or something.

do has you do back home.???? do not talk to anyone you do not know.not even a light for a fag.spread your money out.see me for more help.san an is the worst.
My brother was on the bus goin into San An last year and some bastard cut his backpack open and stole his wallet so watch out for ppl being as brash as that. Take care out there, you lot.
FACT - tourists carry lots of money and criminals know this!

Wherever you go pickpockets will operate, its all about common sense. If YOU were a pickpocket, who would you target to make the most of your day... the old man and his dog or the young and trendy tourist wearing all the brand names and having a big bulging wallet sticking out of their back pocket?

You just have to remember to take only what money you really need, and if you are carrying a lot then split it into a couple of pockets. Another option is to get one of those wallets on a keyring, okay so its not fort knox, but it will atleast slow down someone from just grabbing and running. A third option is one of those bum-bag style wallets that are flat and skin-toned and clip around your stomach.

If you think all this is a little extreme then do what you feel is best, I just hope you are fortunate enough to avoid the crooks.

Crime is everywhere we go, but maybe we can avoid it totally by sticking in groups... safety in numbers and all that!
not a new subject as you'll notice if you check the thread starting date, but just a reminder for everyone; pickpockets are out in full force again unfortunately. girls do NOT bring bags to the clubs, as much as you try to keep an eye on them, those guys are just too smart and quick. leave your phones in the hotel or give it to your male mates and they shall keep in their front trouser pockets and nothing will happen. if you bring a bag make sure there's no phone or wallet inside.

this weekend just past: phones stolen of 3 friends.
I've always been very wary when in crowded clubs when your shoulder to shoulder with people, all it takes for you to put your hands in the air and that leaves your pockets exposed, with so many people bumping into you, your not going to notice something quickly going in your pocket.

Unfortunately you have to trust no one when it comes to strangers, I have lost count of the amount of times myself and freinds have had things stolen over the years of visiting Ibiza, which while i dont let it ruin the holiday, I find the worst thing I have lost is my camera and the memories, money, clothes etc are replaceable.

Advice for girls
Dont take handbags to discos
When in bars, keep handbag in full site (dont hang on chair or put on floor for example)

Advice for blokes
Dont keep wallet/phone in back pocket
If you wear cargo shorts (these tend to have looser pockets) make sure are zipped or buttoned up
Best not to even take a wallet, and keep money in a zip up area of shorts, or the little jeans pocket

Advice for everyone
Dont put your phone/wallet/camera on the table in a bar like you normally would at home, this is the number one cause of myself and friends loosing things over the years.. thieves see this, come over and distract you, when they have going you realise your stuff is gone

Just keep your wits about you and enjoy yourselves!