Photo ID


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I am heading off to Ibiza on the 4th August for two weeks.

I have purchased a ticket for David Guetta in Ushuaia on the 14th.

Am slightly concerned though as the only photo ID which I have is my passport - for obvious reasons I don't really fancy taking this out with me!

I was considering buying Elrow tickets and also Roger Sanchez boat party (possibly others)

I have done a search of this and I did see that a photocopy of your passport would be accepted, is this correct? This was a 2014 post so I just wanted to double check this will be sufficient & that there have been no issues with this before making any further purchases.

Many Thanks :)


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amnesia doesn't normally check id unless you look really young. it's just a barcode scan and in you go. same for boat parties. a photocopy of passport should be fine for ushuaia.