Phonox, London (was Sven at Phonox, London)


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Just seen forum fave Sven Vath has been announced at Phonox in London on 2nd December. Interesting choice of venue as fairly small with a 600 capacity. Sunday ‘afternoon’ Session too 4pm - 10pm. Could be special!


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Tickets advertised as on sale from £5 at 1100hrs. Got in at 1104hrs and gone up to £25+ booking fee. Hmm... should be awesome but I passed, that's just irked me too much


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Is sven popular in Uk?
I thought he was reasonably but the fact a 550 capacity event hasn’t sold out in nearly a week suggests perhaps not.

He has been playing London a fair bit recently though so maybe people a bit saturated by him at the moment.


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All my mates have bottled this one because of work on the Monday so I’ve reluctantly decided to bin it off.

Got 4 tickets for sale if anyone interested, £20 each which is less than I paid for them.