Phil Kierons Hot mix on tongs show tonight (friday)

whaaa?!! his remix of big fun is nothing special. Agoria's mix is far better. All kieran did was put a chunky beat and a cheap bass synth over it.
PK deserves alot of credit for big was due to his remix that they decided to put out a remixes package and give the likes of agoria a chance to do it!!

guys like Phil Kieran are the future of dance music imo
I still think its a shod remix. On top of that, agoria's is the only decent remix on that release imo. The rest sound like the original with a different beat, kenny hawkes one for example. They're not exactly bringing the tune up to date doing that. I love the original but i dont think may of those 're'-mixes do it justice. Seems like someone made a quick buck imo.

Its a similar story with the positiva 'remixed' series. I was really looking forward to them, the bbe mixes etc. When i got em i was so disappointed. There were top names behind the remixes but they were soo poor and seemed like a complete rush job. SHOCKIN!
Phil Kieran rocks i used to go to the same school as him..quality producer