paypal now available for spotlight club tickets


Staff member
hi all,

you can now pay for your club tickets using paypal as well as credit card.

paypal charges quite high commissions so we have to add a 3.5% handling charge (this is standard for sites offering paypal), but for people who prefer to use paypal, i think it's worth it.

So when you enter the clubs and payed with PayPal, you don't need to show your creditcard? As with PayPal you can also use banktransfer...??
that's right no need to show credit card

i have confirmed with all the clubs that they know this and will be confirming again on the day of each party.
Does paypal still apply for tickets bought this year.

I'am going to buy a couple of tickets through paypal shortly and just want to make sure that it will still be ok and the clubs are being informed this year when someone has paid by paypal so no need for ID.