Paul Merton in India


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Did anyone see this last night? Quality TV! The Indians are crazy.... :lol:

I travelled India myself so saw first hand how weird and wonderful the place is, and watching this program brought it all back. Highlights were the guys doing the penis exercises (basically tieing a massive heavy rock to their bits and lifting it up and down! :lol:)

It ranks up there with Bruce Parry's Amazon for me at the moment! Monday nights are great for TV :D
Been watching it myself. But have have to say whilst it's pretty good it's not as good as the china one.

(that bloke with a plane in his garden was pretty funny though):lol::lol::lol:
I was really looking forward to this programme!

I enjoyed it, some fantastic characters and a great insight into the Indian culture, but i think Paul Merton spoils it. (But then again if he wasn't in it they'd have to call it something else :lol:)

He's quite a whinger and a bit pathetic, he also looks really uncomfortable all the time.

He made a right meal out of the "plane" event due to his fear of flying, even though the plane was fixed to the ground.:rolleyes:

Other than that :lol: it was really good.
Forgot to watch it as it certainly looked good, ive been watching this programme on Monday nites the last month (last of the current series last nite) best thing on TV (Irish TV anyway)in ages, very good8)

you can watch all the episodes on the RTE website:)
Greetings from New Delhi!

Uncle Travelling Jam has spread his wings :)

It is indeed an incredible place, full of diversity - poverty, affluence and every stage in between.

Huge construction going on for the 2010 Commonwealth Games at the moment with loads of roads and even a Metro.

We ate a a really smart restaurant tonight (I will get the name from our host) but had to wait for 30 minutes as our table was occupied by.........

.........the President of Brazil :eek:

See you on the flipside 8)