Passeig de Vara de Rey Ibiza


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Each year in September when I visit Passeig de Vara de Rey in Ibiza Town there is usually a large marquee erected with several stalls selling different types of goods. Last year at one of these stalls I bought some bars of the special types of soaps they sell. Can anyone tell me if these soaps are available anywhere else on the island?
I am returning to Ibiza soon and hope the stall will be there again but just in case it isn't I would like to know where I might be able to obtain some of the soap I bought last year.
Pete K:)
Thanks Warren, I had a look at that website but no not that company. The stall did sell soap for shaving together with other types. They were sold in block form and were related to herbs for any skin problems.
Just walked by that tonight. :confused:
If I make it over there in the next day or two, I'll have a look
get your skates on, it finishes on 20th and i think you'll be in luck, there's a natural soap stall included in the 26 participants.

La lista de participantes esta compuesta por: Hecho a mano, Batiks del sur, Romero, Suc de cotó, Genevieve Binst, Patiño, Judith Serra, Benjamin Castillo y Sa Bodega, Plata y flores, Rat, Gianni Rainaldi, Danilo Domingo Sala, Jabón natural, Sali- fret y Companatge de Ibiza; Xénia de Formentera, CYE artesanos de Palma de Mallorca; Cuadros, acuarelas y dibujos, y Crearte de Alicante; Plata y Color de Asturias; Sedas Marisa y Laguna de Madrid; Tabalar arte en piel de Sevilla; y Chiázmine de Granada.
Craft Fair

Hi Stephen,
Visited the craft fair and bought some soap but the trader was not the same one as in 2008. I found out that the trader I want to contact comes from Bilbao possibly german but no one could give me anymore information about her. She was there in 2008 at the Craft Fair selling her own brand of soaps.
If anyone has any inormation of an email or website it would be appreciated.