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Any new updates for September? No line ups for Wonderland on 5th and same with Morillio on 10th? I've read elsewhere that Roog from Hardsoul is playing before Morillo but not confirmed on here - any ideas? and not sure about Wonderland :eek:

Yeah the callender needs updating. It doesn't give a line up for Pure Pacha closing. Yet it does on the 'Official Line up' thread. Kleinenberg and Axwell, looking forward to that one. :lol:

Come on mods, update the callender :twisted: Please :lol:

ROOG from Hardsoul confirmed Wednesday 10th September!! Add to PC? :twisted:


"Roog & Erick Morillo truly are two House music lovers. Their passion for soulful music can be witnessed by simply visiting one of their DJ gigs. When you get both of them on one night, you can be sure that it is going to be a happening of musical bliss that cannot be missed!

This is exactly what will happen on Wednesday the 10th of September during Subliminal Sessions. Pacha Ibiza is once again the temporary home base for UK imprint Subliminal, a household name when it comes to proper electronic music.

If you happen to be on the Island that never sleeps, be sure to get ready for a night of the unexpected, Pacha NYC glamour, unforeseen Hollywood celeb appearances and above all, the right soundtrack that will guide you into early Thursday morning."