party advice required


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hello everyone

i am looking for a bit of advice...we are in ibiza until friday evening and have very little money and a friend with a rather damaged foot after he cut it badly on a broken glass at cocoon on monday night which really kind of spoiled out whole night...and the main reason for our holiday

does anyone know of anywhere we can go to hear some good underground music on thursday, either during the day or evening, which isn´t going to charge to get in, or rip us off on drinks.

prefer something along the lines of monza or cocoon, on music styles, but not at all bothered about seeing a bit name, just want to hear some good music.

we are in playa dén bossa but don´t really have the ability to walk anywhere or do any proper nightclub due to the injured friend...though we could get a taxi i guess

any advice appreciated

Underground is fantastic, its not far from amnesia so you would have to get a taxi.
normally free in but sometimes 10e but you get a free drink!

Good Luck
^^^ yeah, def go to underground.

everytime i've been it's girls free entrance with no free drink and boys 10e with 1 free drink. So it works out the same really cos vodka's 10e...
Erm, we got smashed on one drink in some bar and ended up passed out...oops!

Still, lots of good parties back in England to go to :)

And I did Cocoon closing which was my main reason for going.