Hi everyone!

I'm a Siberian Panda Trainer and I was wondering if there is any resorts or places where I can store my Pandas while I am working in Ibiza. Also do the Venga Boys ever do any concerts there as I want their autograph. Please reply ASAP, as I will need to tell my Pandas, where they will be staying, the big one gets ratty and spits at me if I don't warn him what is ahead in his future time with me. Thankyou for your time and co-operation.

Yours truly,

Schlong Luvr
Thanks for your help.

Shame they won't be there this year. No they don't actually slice cheese, but they can paint fences real good. One of my Pandas favourite colour is purple. I will be handing out Siberian Bamboo to aunyone who respects Pandas as much as I do.

Thanks for everything again.

If your looking for some supplies of Siberian bamboo (great for BDSM Sex) especially if you wpaint them black.

Segs82 is an arrogant, ignorant, immature Panda Hata'!

Yours truly,

Schlong Luvr :D

PS: Eat dick. (PANDA DICK!)
panda porn is ok


edit- ps no link with this 'shortdick' bloke, just read his other posts
surreal panda comments fine by me, bigotry/insults should get the (no doubt familiar) i.p. address bannned...? :cry:
Why thanks for the Panda Porn.

I once sucked off one of my Pandas, but their seamen is blue and makes my teeth rot. Thanks thougn my big monster fallous will get alot of cumtastic pleasure from these beautiful black and white bears.

Bless you.

Yours truly,

Schlong Luvr

PS: Welsh people are smelly. :rolleyes: