Paella Party


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Does anyone go to this (it's at Es Paradis)?! Both times it was on when I was there they were giving away free tickets, the first week there were at most 20 people there! (this was at 1.30 am). Ah, the workers said, you need to get there after 4am as they serve the paella soon after that and we all descend on the place. Ok so next week we went again (well it's free, and Es Paradis is a cool looking club), but still only 30 or 40 people were there, even when the Paella was being served. Not one of the more popular nights then? ;-))
yeh, im very intregued by the paella party....i was given loads of little leaflets for it but it did sound do u say.... a stupid idea?! :confused:
bigbearblue said:
a stupid idea?! :confused:

why? :lol:

I think es paradis was empty all season but I wish I had of made it to that party just to get free food, I love the stuff, mmmm ;)
ha, ha, kids, paradis is one of the most beautiful clubs! ;) I was ther when it was open air!!! haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! 8) :eek: :D
Scoobie said:
I can't think of anything I'd want less at 4.00 in th emorning in a club than a bowl of paella :eek:
:eek: True. Paelle is the last thing on my mind when I go clubbing :)