Pacha (London) Raided - refund?

Matt Young

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Hi People

I was one of the unlucky punters to be at Pacha on Friday 19/09/08 when at about 12.30am it got raided by some heavy handed police in riot gear.

I'd only been in the club for about 10 minutes and was having a chat with a mate when I was suddenly pushed in the back and sheppered to the main dance floor to be held for an hour with other disgruntled punters.

Was anyone else there?
Has anyone got a refund from Pacha for this complete farce?

When the place was raided there must have been at most 250 in the club (which was probably doubled by the amount of police). What a waste of tax payers money and resources of the police when there is so much more important crimes happening (25+ teens murdered on our streets).
They found hardly anything (read above article).

As the night didn't continue and we were held for an hour I think this deserve a refund (couldn't ask for one on the night as the place was cordoned off once we were let out). So let's see if Pacha will give me one. I will let you know how it goes...

This was the first time I've been to Pacha (I've been to the Ibiza one) and I only went as a mate was djing (it aint my kind of club), I doubt I will ever go to Pacha again!

Anyone else who got stuck in this mess email Pacha - for a refund.

Peace x
Hello Matt! Fancying seeing you here! It seems a little strange that you were at Pacha, but then I realised they had some decent DJs on for once!

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(Ps. The Abbey on the 8th - mail me a line up/eflyer and I'll give it a push;))

Alright Buckley!

I was only there as Simon Morrel (DDD) was djing and I said I'd pop in to say 'hi'.
The line up was half decent actually.
But I'm never going back there...

Looking forward to the Abbey and I'll mail you the eflyer when it's ready.