pacha clothes 2020


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HI ,

Just wondering if ill get away with wearing a blacked out pair of nike or adidas trainers for pacha? Ill be wearing a smart polo with a plain smart pair of shorts. Just struggling on the foot wear, as I don't want to have to purchase a separate pair of shoes just for pacha.

not too worries about the rest of the clubs, just apcha as ive heard its a bit dressier.


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I've worn jeans trainers t shirt and a baseball cap in Pacha a few times'its got an avanguard edge to it..its not uk mainstream club dressy..ware what makes you feel comfy but if want to roll up in a smoking jacket and stick on curly tash...that will also work


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Ice White shoes, ice white socks with navy blue double cadet stripe ought to satisfy the security staff.


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Is Farah still a la mode with you Dirk?
I still like my Burgundy ones, complemented by a Pierre Sangan or Leo Gemelli V-neck.

Farah still very much in vogue. Matching them with a grandad shirt and Y-Cardigan at the moment and getting lots of compliments.