pacha (19/7) space (21/7)



while ministry is not really my thing either in london or ibiza, pacha itself impressed me except for...yes, the usual gripe - EUR8.00 for water and the standard salt in the taps. what can you do? buy the ticket, take the ride. good night with friends, music was up to scratch nothing truly epic though.

space on the other hand was a treat. we arrived @ 6 with eric morillo rocking the terrace but for my tastes the kicker was jeff mills. the crowd was split and when the absolutely RAMMED (still a fun evening though) terrace closed @ midnight the main room didn't fill up to the same level. if anyone knows who was playing inside from 11:30 until jeff mills came on pls let me know.

being from the UK, where jeff has boycotted for some time it was nice to see his skills are just as solid as ever, the crowd truly enjoying themselves in a very intense way. everyone seemed very satisifed with the set --- partially b/c it seemed as though jeff had ditched the gig when he didn't come on @ 1am as advertised by space - whether it was a typo, DJ or club, who knows?

verdict - 22 hours @ space - get on it, you know you love a hard day @ the office!
Sneak water into Pacha! It's easy as f*ck! There's a little baker shop about 2 minutes down the road. Just buy 2 500ml bottles while cost almost nothing and hide them in your socks! Just wear long socks and walk slowly so they don't fall out. It's easy, worked every time for me. Just make sure this doesn't spread so the bouncers don't start checking your socks as you go in!