our super secret ibiza expert revealed....Maki!!!??

i haven't seen him begging for money for ages
me neither..... last time i saw him, looong time ago in cas serres, he looked better: clean, shorter hair, etc :!:

apparently his brother is a well known doctor from san antonio with lots of money, who tried to help him many times.....

btw, on facebook theres a group called "i have been insulted by EL MAKI"..... who havent been insulted by him? :lol:

gimme some money, you
sorry, i dont have anything now
**** you **** **** **** **** ! !
on an slightly related note, anyone got any pictures of the othet guy who was always in space and around and about? looked like an emaciated robbie williams? sometimes had a fro?
Is it the guy that looks a bit like Rich Hall?

This looks like a previously unseen audition for a Spanish remake of Trainspotting by a particularly committed Antonio Banderas. Talk about method-acting

Really brings out the true meaning of derelict when your hat becomes overrun by your own fukcing hair.