Our early present from Santa - a baby girl!


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Jemima Rose


Shelley has threatened to do the job with a rusty knife if I don't get the 'snip':eek::eek: , now she has her longed for daughter :lol:

Happy xmas one and all, we got everything we wanted, hope you all do too.

love to you all :lol::lol::lol:

(yes I've had a glass or two of vino :lol:)
Would call an ugly kid, an ugly kid.

That baby is beutiful m8. N1 :)

all the best (look's over shoulder at the Mrs!)
Congratulations for now. Condolences for a few months down the line when it's voice box gets big enough to wake you. :lol:
Congratulations!!!! She's a beauty!! What a great xmas prezzie :lol:

Having my first christmas with my little 4 month old girl, Mia Rose, and it's been a blast.

Wish you and yours all the best for 2009!8)
Thanks again peeps.

Typical girl, she is damned high maintenance. Advice to anyone planning children in the future.....have a boy, they are sooo much easier :) :)