Opinions on this track?

Real Detroit House feel to it.

Dont know about the remix though.......

Small bit overproduced

Prefer the Carl Kennedy version.
just had a listen - good old-fashioned fluffy house although the chorus is a tad too cheesy - I have got an old Roachford 12 at home > awesome voice always

but then that is the sort of track which sums up the difference between me hearing it on a laptop on a balcony in Barcelona in full summer and finding it quite pleasant and me then hearing it on a freezing november night on a Lewisham council estate and thinking it is the antichrist
I rike it berry much, but it's not the sort of thing I'm going to sit and get wet over!

It has its time and place, but it's the sort of thing that if i heard it, I'd think the night was coming to a close and that would make me sad.

I don't think I'd be dancing too hard to this.... but the right place, time, weather (definitely a dance-in-the sunshine sort of tune) and friends, it could be great! :)

is this a trick question?? :lol: :lol:
I love his silky voice .." cuddly toy" was part of my tweenie record collection when I was just 11. I quite like this song, I wouldn't fast forward it if it was playing on my ipod on shuffle although I don't think I'd search it :)
don't worry, i'm not going soft on you all.........

anyway, it wasn't a trick question but olly and meryl (hello!!;)) have eluded to the answer. in that, in certain places, at certain times, some tracks just sound better. this one is defo a sad one.

Nothing wrong with fluff ;)

Like people have said, in the right place and time this tune would make me smile.

by the way Liam, i know youre going for the space closing weekend, but when exactly do you go over, will you be there a bit early for Cream closing? or just the weekend itself?
really not a fan of this at all, i gave it a full whirl though since you put me onto another couple of ace tracks

where do i apply for my 8 minutes back?
(that said, i was losing it to 'world hold on' in Pacha a few years back (of all places), so i kinda get where you are coming from)