Open roof panles at Es Paradis


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I've seen Es Paradis in the daytime with one or two of the roof panles open. 2 questions, 1 why do they do this? and, 2 have they ever do this when the club is open?
They open them to let the greenery get sunlight in the day. They have them closed at night because after midnight the clubs have to have roofs on due to noise regs.
think i can help

they open the roof up to air the club and dry it out, due to the

water party's during the day and the foam parties at night.

as to the second question sometimes when they do the so called day time water party think it's on a thursday they leave the roof open...
great answers peeps, i'd never really thought about it ;-)

they also open them for the opening and closing parties, which normally go on well into the morning