One for the Girlies....Sorry boys



Hope some1 can help

Im going to Ibiza in July so it gonna b hot but I hate going anywhere without my make up, any ideas of alternatives I could use which might not melt off as much????????
you mean make up for the day or evening???

Once you've got a bit of colour on your face you wont need make up hun, just a bit of mascara n a bit of gloss, a tan makes the girl even more beautiful!!!

Generally speaking, creamy things melt and slide easier than powders (making creamy things easier to blend...). With that in mind, I'd avoid creamy things unless you use them sparingly & with a light touch.
If you're hardcore, there are some sealants that are pretty serious. Back in the day (erm, when I would go clubbing in New Orleans heat), I used to use this stuff called She-Laq by Benefit -- it basically seals anything on you. With that in mind, it is really hard core. It doesn't really do justice for au natural beauty. And it feels a little sticky to the touch.

For better or worse, I personally thing a bangin tan (not burn) does wonders to totally eliminate the need for make up.

I usually bring an all-in-one lipstick / blush stick, Revlon Colorstay Lash Tint (noooo racoon eyes & it lasts for like 3 days -- be cautious not to apply more than 2 coats), Revlon colorstay eyeliner (I swear by this stuff)and not really more than that.

Less is so much better -- especially when you're staggering home at 9 a.m.
Yeah go without hun. The last thing you want to be worrying about is whether your make up has ran. At the very most all I use as a base is a bit of powder just to keep the shiny-ness at bay.
Like the other ladies have said, you'd be surprised how little make-up you need with a tan. waterproof mascara (black) is really all you need, along with some nice lipgloss like Lancome Juicy Tube and a sparkly silver eye shadow.
you honestly don't need much make up. I took a load & only really used a bit of mascara, lip gloss & a bit of powder. During the day I didn't wear any. Being in the sun all day gives you that glow :D
Perhaps some bronzing pearls to brush on your face- for the first few days of the holiday, it will look like youve got a nice glow v. quickly!
Here´s what I do:
Ill go and get my eyebrows and lashes colored balck, so i wont have to worry about my eyes "dissapearing" without makeup.....after that, I go into the sun to prepare the skin a week before going, i exfoliate so the tan evens all over the skin - and then i bring gloss (MAC, or Lancomes Juicy Tubes are the best!) and maybe saome mascara just to extend the length of the lashes in the evening, maybe some shimmery powder to highlight the cheekbones and voila: gorgeous summer luscious girlie!
They are a bit thick but taste fabulous, they smell like fresh fruit and are very kissable....i love them and my husband thinks my lips are very tastyy when i wear it
I wear that or Mac’s Lip Glass, that makes your lips really shiny but can be a bit gloopy sometimes.